Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire

So 2021 sucked. Sure, you may have had better things happen. I somewhat did? I kept going on, and am going to, however on December 31, 2021 I wouldn’t say anyone in my household, save for the cat, were particularly positive. I attempted to have some drinks, but the energy just wasn’t there. A stout […]

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Ailsa Bay Ceres I 9 2011 Scotch Universe

Girvan distillery is an industrial workhorse meant to ensure that blends have plenty of inexpensive, age-stated single grain whisky. Full stop. However, upon the same site you’ll find a new distillery, started in 2007. It’s name? Not Albert Einstein this time. Ailsa Bay creates four different single malt distillates, the majority of which all disappear […]

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The Speyside 21 1995 Whisky Broker

Thanks to /u/ScotchGuy_TO  for this dram. Should I start by mentioning that it’s not a mystery Speyside, but actually the distillery called “The Speyside”? Nah, people get that by now. Should I mention this is the second time ScotchGuy_TO poured me a “The Speyside”, because when he finds one he’s interested in he needs to share it? […]

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Aultmore 18 Foggie Moss

Thanks to my wife who brought me out for my birthday drams. I’m a very lucky guy. Whenever I go out to have some whiskies that are old and going to be reviewed I try and get anyone else who’s with me involved. I’ve been told this is called “making it less boring” and “being […]

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