Pike Creek 10 Year Double Barreled Port Finish

Pike Creek

Reddit ate my review… and yes the glass is dirty, it’s been a rough 3 weeks.

Hi all! I was at the LCBO, looking around, bemoaning the fact that I live in Ontario, and thus Scotch is very expensive, when I realized that I actually live in Canada and Rye is inexpensive (love the one you’re with and all that). So I picked up Pike Creek 10 Year Double Barreled Port Finish and Alberta Premium Dark Horse. As everyone seems to have tried Dark Horse but me, I tried the Pike Creek First, as I’ve been wanting to try a Port Finish whisky for awhile now.

So based on what I’ve found, this whisky is made by Corby’s, which is owned by Pernod Ricard. Originally created in the 1990’s along with other flavoured ryes. It didn’t sell too well (even though it was much loved) and was then discontinued… up until 2012, when Corby’s brought back both Pike Creek and Lot 40.

Pike Creek is a name for a suburb in Windsor Ontario, or at least that’s what it tells me, as I had never had the chance to go to that suburb while I went to school there.

Price: $39.90 (CAD)

Region: The grand duchy of Canada

Abv: 40%

Colour: Raisins (some gold, mostly brown, some brick dust)

Nose: Port, dried apricots, currants, dark caramel, a little smoke, a strawberry field, plum, sour lemon candy

Taste: Cherry, orange rind, blackberries, honey, nutmeg, lemonade, brown sugar, butter

Finish: Smoke, sour cherry, cumin, chocolate

Conclusion: This is a well done, very interesting rye. Much better than the Canadian Club Sherry Cask, very nice to sip. It’s main downside is it is only 40%, and there are flavours that just don’t pop as much as they should. Here’s hoping this catches on. I’ll have to pick up the Lot 40 as well.


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