Nikka Yoichi 10

Three reviews? One day? Is this man mad! Mad like a fox!… Or perhaps I’m finally off for vacation and I have been saving these for awhile. This is my 5th World Whisky review. The Nikka Yoichi Single Malt 10 Year Old Whisky is a Japanese Single Malt. This small sampler was another gift from […]

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Auchentoshan 12

Hello again Scotchit! I’m here with my 7th scotch review. So my wife is pretty awesome. I’ve been having a bad couple of months at my job, and she has been awesome the whole time. I’ve been working on writing up these reviews to help alleviate stress, and she knew that I haven’t had a […]

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Ardbeg Uigeadail

Hi all! Here’s my review of the great Oog (Ardbeg Uigeadail). Before I was giving in submissions for this subreddit, I was awkwardly bumping around into different whiskeys. On my honeymoon in Edinburgh I stopped into the Scotch whiskey experience, and convinced my new bride we should go through the tour. We both decided that […]

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Alberta Premium Dark Horse

Here`s the thing; I’ve lived my whole life in Canada, so when I originally came to /r/Scotch, and read someone saying Alberta Premium was a great rye, I laughed. I always knew Alberta Premium as the plastic big bottle that was cheap and mostly drank by alcoholics. Granted I’ve only lived in Ontario and Quebec, […]

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Crown Royal Special Reserve

Hi again! Recently we were asked to clean out all of our kitchen, and during this fall cleaning, I found an old Rye that I had forgotten I had, Crown Royal Special Reserve. A little background: I used to only drink Manhattan`s, specifically made with rye. I eventually moved on to Scotch, and as such […]

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