Glenlivet 12 (A Friendly Review)

Glenlivet 12

Season’s Greetings /r/Scotch[1] ! This one came out of left field. I was raiding my uncle’s bar this Xmas (as usual) and he told me to finish up his tiny bottle of Glenlivet 12 (or as he calls it, “That Avon whiskey“). Not wanting to pass up a chance at a review, I quickly jotted down some notes. I wish my wife had her camera ready, however since she didn’t, I had to use a stock image.

I may have missed something, as this was reviewed during my family’s typical Xmas, which was interrupted by the crown pork roast needing to be switch over from a malfunctioning oven to a BBQ as well as typical family drama, thus I may have missed some things.

Price: $47.25 (CAD), however I was given the 50ml bottle for free

Region: Speyside

ABV: 40%

Colour: Goldenrod. Didn’t seem too coloured to me, again I’m not too good at identifying colouring.

Nose: Apricots, marigolds, peach, grass, lime, cold air, marmalade.

I can see why my uncle calls this scotch “Avon”, as it was very perfumed. I’m able to handle the more perfumed scotches these days, and I think it’s because I’m a fan of honey (which can have the floral taste).

Or perhaps at the moment I really wanted a drink, however either way they are growing on me.

Taste: Oranges, honey, cloves, rose water, pretty things, light pepper.

Like drinking up My Little Pony on a spring day when you’re young and in love. The cynic in me wants so much to demand something in here that will yank my tastes buds down the street and body slam them onto a bed of nails, however I was able to control that strange boxing day urge and enjoy the taste of this is a nice aperitif scotch.

I couldn’t have more then 2 drams of it, but nice none the less.

Finish: dried cranberries, little smoke, melon, orange blossoms, cardamon.

Hmmm… it tries to grab my attention at the end with smoke and cardamon sneaking in, however personally I think it’s a little too late. The youth shows through quite a bit, and the finish has a shorter-than-I’d-like feel to it, however not as short as other whiskey’s I’ve reviewed.

Conclusion: If My Little Pony had a Scotch, it’d be Glenlivet 12. Take that how you want, I don’t mean it as derogatory or praise. The youth of this scotch shines through, and the low ABV is present as well. I think the flavours would be lost paired with any but the most subtle of food and would recommend drinking this neat as the water my wash away any sparkle it has.

I spent a long time trying to discern if I was missing anything, finally coming to the conclusion that Glenlivet 12 is simple in that regard. I probably won’t be purchasing a bottle in the near future, however I will be trying out older versions, leaning towards something above 43% ABV to see if the flavours are there and just being lost.


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