I.W. Harper 12

Hello /r/Bourbon[1] ! Here’s my first review of a Kentucky bourbon, as I’m typically a Canadian whisky/Scotch fan, and my father is the bourbon fan. Waitresses just love us…. I picked up this bottle from a co-worker who is moving and had to get rid of some full bottles of alcohol. I was intrigued by […]

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Caol Ila Cask Strength

Part Two of my adventures at Feather’s pub! For those of you who missed my first review yesterday, this past weekend I went to a local pub, called Feather’s, and they have a lot of Scotch…. which is kinda like saying that Michelin sells quite a few tires. They have over 400. None the less, […]

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Aberlour 10

TOModera here with a new review, third for today. I promise I won’t be posting any others for at least a couple days (apologies for spamming). I wanted to try out the Aberlour 10 before trying the A’bunadh for the upcoming community review. See, I had asked a friend to pick me up a bottle […]

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Ardbeg 10

The first scotch I ever really, truly enjoyed was a peated Scotch. This is not a review of that scotch, this is just a tribute. Or rather this is a review of the Scotch that took its place as my favourite for a short time: Today I will be reviewing Ardbeg 10. It has since […]

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Highland Park 12

Hello again Scotchit! Today I’ll be reviewing Highland Park 12, a tasty, interesting dram. I picked up my sample in Newfoundland, as the small samples aren’t currently available at the liquor stores I shop at in Ontario. I have to start making room throughout the apartment, as otherwise my various collections of RPG books, alcohol, […]

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