Golden Shoe 2012 Blended Scotch Whiskey

Golden Shoe

Hi Scotchit! Review number 9 time! I had a lot of time of, and some samples to try out, so let’s start this up. For my birthday, a buddy purchased the Golden Shoe 2012 Blended Scotch Whiskey, as he found the packaging funny. Turns out (from what little I’ve read), the Golden Shoe is an award given to the leading goalscorer in every European national league. As you can tell from that statement, I’m not the biggest football/soccer/whatever-it’s-called-now fan.

Finding out about the Scotch itself was… problematic. It was imported by a German company called Schwarze & Schlichte Markenvertrieb. They make a whiskey from Scotland called Racke Rauchzart, though they don’t say if this is the same or not. They are both blends though, and each have 40% between them, so I’ll let you decide if that’s enough of a coincidence.

Price: $39.95 on sale in Ontario, Canada. Usually $49.95.

Abv: 40%

Region: Blend of regions?

Colour: Silver tequila

Nose: Pepper, orange, tequila, lime, ethanol, passion fruit, garam massala.

The nose is very weak, and when I first smelled it I was worried I had poured myself a dram of tequila (which I do enjoy now and then). The first time I tried this Scotch I was sure that my taste buds were off as it was in the middle of our “end of the world” party. Now that I’ve taken some time, sobered up, and gotten over my cold, I was able to figure out some more of the flavours, though I’m wondering if someone didn’t just slap the name “Scotch” on a cleat filled with gold tequila and made a quick buck.

Taste: Lime, sugar syrup, more pepper, tequila, cedar tree

Again, is someone having a laugh at my expense? I’ve tasted this over and over, and all I can surmise is that it tastes like rookie margaritas The pepper really takes over, and I’d swear this is tequila. I know someone recently did a review of Dewar’s White Label and stated it tasted like tequila, so perhaps this comes from a similar mix as Dewar’s.

Finish: White tequila (you’re so surprised), smoke, sour citrus, almond paste, spice rack.

Medium length, though the taste turns into a random dessert tray at the end. The spice is all over the place, and the almond paste is cloying sweet. The sourness and the smoke are afterthoughts.

Conclusion: This is a confounding dram. The tequila bits don’t have the nice smoothness of a great tequila, or the uppercut that you normally want from a bad tequila. The finish is WAY too sweet, and the confusion of where it’s from doesn’t help either. The bottle is nice though, so I guess I’ll have something funny to look at.


Scotch review #9, Blend review #3, Whisky Network review #15

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