Aberlour 10

Aberlour 10 1

TOModera here with a new review, third for today. I promise I won’t be posting any others for at least a couple days (apologies for spamming).

I wanted to try out the Aberlour 10 before trying the A’bunadh for the upcoming community review. See, I had asked a friend to pick me up a bottle of the A’bunadh in England, as the price is cheaper there, so I had some down time waiting on the A’bunadh (he ended up buying the 12 instead, so no community review this time for me, though I’m still stoked for the 12). My Scotch drinking buddy happened to have a bottle of the 10, and offered me a dram in trade, so I took him up on his offer.

I’ll let Wikipedia sum up Aberlour distillery:

Although its labels read 1879, the Aberlour distillery was first founded in 1826 by James Gordon and Peter Weir. In 1921, Robert Thorne & Sons Ltd sold the distillery to W. H. Holt & Sons, a brewery near Manchester. In 1945 S. Campbell & Sons Ltd bought the distillery. In 1975 Pernod Ricard acquired Campbell Distilleries. In 2002, a new, modernized visitor centre was opened.

WOO! Modernized visitor centre!

Ahem… on to the review.

Aberlour 10 2

Price: $45.95 (CAD), though I was nice enough to be given the taster for free by one of my closest friends.

Abv: 43%

Region: Speyside

Colour: Dark mahogany. I’m guessing this is coloured. EDIT: Been told that it probably isn’t.

Nose: Walnuts, light smoke, faint sherry, vanilla, mustard seed, light strawberry/sourness

This took me awhile, as it was quite light. And manic. Like the Harley Quinn of Scotch noses.

The bourbon finish is the main note, however the mustard seed really started to screw with my head. I’m really wishing for some more sherry while nosing this. It’s a nice change from what I’ve been drinking lately.

Taste: Cashews, smoke, pear, raspberry, arugula, fennel, raisins.

Again, the bourbon finish is taking a lot of the flavour. The minor fruit notes leave me wanting more… I really wish there was more to this one. I don’t know if it’s because the balance between the sherry cask and the bourbon are uneven or if the 43% Abv. or perhaps lack of sleep.

Finish: Smoke, cranberry, celery root, mint, mushrooms, almonds, floral honey.

The finish really helps this Scotch stand out. It’s young and light, however it’s different than what I’ve had before. The earthy flavours are quite nice (if short), and I’m finally starting to get some of the sherry I’ve been searching for.

Conclusion: If I had to sum up what I like about this Scotch, I would say I like the idea of the two different casks meshed together and the attempt to balance out these different flavour profiles is nice. I’d also say that the finish was a random, fun gift found in some odd forest nymphs dinner. That being said, it’s young, it has a low Abv, and the sherry notes aren’t as strong as I’d prefer. A good starting point for someone who has never tried a sherry scotch before, or for someone looking for something different.


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