Ardbeg 27 1973 Old Malt Cask Douglas Laing [Feather’s Flight Review Set #1]

Ardbeg 27

I know what you’re thinking: Why do 5 separate reviews based on 1 flight? Why make people wait? Why not do 1 big review post?

Wait, you haven’t read the others? Well click on the tag called “Feather’s Pub”.

Now that you’ve read those, I’ll answer your question, oh made up person: I’m not really a fan of doing a multi-review post unless I’m comparing everything. For these I’m not doing comparitive reviews. Second, I know if I did a multi review, the two Islay Scotches would get the most attention, and the others would be left in the dust. So thank you for getting through the last three non-Islay reviews, as they weren’t peat storms. Now on to my favourites.

We are moving on to Ardbeg 27 1973 Old Malt Cask Douglas Laing. That’s right, it’s an independent bottling of Ardbeg that has an amazing age statement and is cask strength. If you need to take a moment to breath normally, slow down your heart, stop contemplating marrying either me or the Scotch, and/or hide your obvious envy of me, I won’t judge you.

Now that we’re all sitting down, the paramedics have got you breathing again, and you have apologized to your significant other about falling in love with another, I’d like to make a couple points before jumping in on the Scotch review:

  1. When it comes to images let these reviews be a lesson to us all: If you’re drinking from a bottle that costs this much, remember it may be rare, and as such you should take a picture while at the bar, regardless of how bad your camera phone is, or how many you’ve had.
  2. Douglas Laing is an independent bottler that has been around for 60 years. They take different whisky’s from different distilleries and create art. No colouring and no additives. Sometimes they do cask strength, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they do blends, and sometimes they don’t.

Region: Islay

Price: N/A (Though if you’re curious, one bottle costs £1,200 on The Whiskey Exchange, however I’ve found different prices throughout the net, so please do some shopping before buying, it may save you a couple hundred dollars)

Abv: 50%

Colour: Little bit of brown sitting in some water. Colouring? Negative.

Nose: Sea air, peat, medicine, oil, sour grapes, new wood furniture, Beaver Lumber, chainsaws, leather, lemon meringue pie

At first I’m a little worried, as this has a very similar nose to the great Oog. I’m wondering if it’s even special, and almost like it can read my thoughts, it becomes the manliest nose ever. There’s motor oil and lumber stores and chainsaws in here. I want this as part of my team if the Zombie apocalypse happens. My goatee grew 2 cm while nosing this Scotch. And yet somehow, without losing any of that stereotypical manly smell, there’s a lemon meringue pie that pops up. The peat isn’t as strong as the ten, which is nice because the rest comes forward and gives you a better experience.

Taste: Slight lemon, light peat, salt, beef jerky, manure, chipotle, cloudberry, cinnamon buns

That lemon continues, and the peat is quite light, letting the sea air take more front and center action. There’s a cinnamon undertone that mixes with a pastry and berry flavour to really give us something to enjoy. It’s like watching a manly guy eat baked goods his little mother made him.

Finish: Bacon, orange rind, cantaloupe, nutmeg, mushrooms, tiny strawberries, rosemary, Chelsea buns, sea air.

The usual bacon and citrus are here, but it starts to grow once more into something more complex. The mushrooms pair well with the rosemary, the nutmeg and the Chelsea buns are there, and the sea air is refreshing.

But the true beauty of this Scotch is the finish lasts for eons. I had to take a long, long break before I dove into the next one, as this is huge. It’s balanced too, which is nice, giving you some fruit and then snaking in with that bacon and sea air, then going back to the spice. 5 days later, I finally don’t have the finish in my mouth, which saddens me.

Conclusion: Well, this is the best Scotch I’ve ever had. Somehow they’ve taken all the things I loved about the Oog, and made it better. At first I didn’t believe it, had myself a little cry, may have hugged a stranger and contemplated becoming a monk to ponder the meaning of the world in a far off mountain. Then I had another sip and all that denial disappeared. It was brilliant. I am both elated to know that this exists, and saddened that I’d have to empty out my bank account to buy a bottle.

That being said, try this Scotch if you ever have the chance. It’s amazing.


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