Glenfiddich 12

Hi Scotch it! TOModera here with another review. I’ve been drinking a lot of independent and rare bottles of Scotch, and while that’s pretty awesome, it’s time to get back to some of the unsung, great everyday Scotches that we all enjoy. To start off this habit (which I don’t know how long it will […]

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Bunnahabhain 12

Review number 22. This is the last of my drams at Feather’s from two weeks ago. It was quite nice to come back down to a non-signatory, non-exclusive bottle. Price: N/A in Ontario (Bought a dram at Feather’s Pub in Toronto for 6$) Region: Islay Abv: 46.3% Colour: Medium Caramel Nose: Wood pulp, a dive […]

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