Bunnahabhain 12

Bunnahabhain 12

Review number 22. This is the last of my drams at Feather’s from two weeks ago. It was quite nice to come back down to a non-signatory, non-exclusive bottle.

Price: N/A in Ontario (Bought a dram at Feather’s Pub in Toronto for 6$)

Region: Islay

Abv: 46.3%

Colour: Medium Caramel

Nose: Wood pulp, a dive club, plum wine, soap, sour candy, far away peat, clovers

This has a very strong nose to it. I had to let it mellow out quite a bit. Almost sickly sweet. No real balance here.

Taste: Burnt sugar, lime, chilli, Ketchup chips, oak, plum, floral salt

Not bad, though still has that overly-sweet flavour. It calms down after letting it breathe, however not really enough in my opinion.

Finish: Peat, more plum, lime juice, sea air, alcohol burn, pork tenderloin. Medium in length.

Nice finish. It’s almost like a port finished whiskey, however there are some Islay elements.

Conclusion: At first I was a little worried that I didn’t let this breathe enough, or perhaps I had blasted my taste-buds on other Scotches before this one. After letting it breathe for awhile, clearing my palate multiple times, it was still quite sweet. Almost too much for me. The finish was nice, however I really think this one needs more time in the barrel to beat some of the fight out of it.


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