Lagavulin 16

Okay guys and gals, I’m going to call out something we all do. We all have those moments. You’re at a bar. Someone else is paying for the bar tab. Maybe you’re out with work. Maybe you’re out with your parents. Maybe you’re out with a specific friend. None the less, they have money and […]

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Green Spot

Sometimes you have one of those great weekends. Last weekend was one of those awesome times. My wife is a huge Star Trek fan, and for her birthday I bought her tickets to see the full TNG cast do a Q&A at the recent Toronto Comic con. It’s quite hilarious. As a reward to myself […]

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Cragganmore 12

So… I went on a little bit of a whiskey purchasing binge for awhile there in December, as I deal with stress poorly and buying alcohol and then having it around my house, unopened for months is another one of the things I do. It is like I’m only partially an alcoholic, with some of […]

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Old Pulteney 12

Yay! Community review time! I was quite excited to try out the Old Pulteney 12, as enough reviews have pass me by without the bottle being available. Good news everyone! My local bar had a bottle! Price: N/A Region: Highland Abv: 40% Colour: Champagne Nose: Salt air, Mr. Clean lemon, sweet floral, basil, Saki, thyme, […]

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Auchentoshan Three Wood

So I know that I said I’d be testing out some Canadian whiskey this past weekend, however I ended up at a decent Scotch pub, and thus had some drams to taste. So first off, sorry to texaer for this not being Canadian, I’ll probably get to that in 2 weeks. Second off, sorry it’s […]

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