Laphroaig Quarter Cask

Sorry for the stock image, I swear I took a picture of this one, yet it never uploaded. You know how there’s always that one whisky that you have and have never, ever reviewed? You’ll order it, you’ll enjoy it, heck, maybe it’s even yet another reason why you enjoy a certain region and yet […]

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Oban 14

So here’s the scene: I’ve come back from work, on a Friday, after having security called on me 4 times at an upscale liquor store. That’s a story for another day. I had Bioshock: Infinite ready to go, my wife was all set to relax, and was excited for a great weekend. And that’s about […]

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Buffalo Trace

Wish I could have been part of the community review for this one, however finding a single dram of Bourbon in Ontario is second in difficulty to convincing ones wife that we should go out for dinner to a restaurant downtown strictly for the reason that it serves a certain type of Bourbon. Luckily my […]

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Maker’s Mark 46

It’s nice having people in the family who have tastes similar to yours. First, you can compare notes, second, you can talk to them easily about new things they’ve tried, and third, and most importantly, gifts are easy. Giving gifts is like pulling out my toenails with burning hot tweezers for me. So any time […]

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Aberlour 12 Sherry Cask

Hey all! I considered posting a bunch of these on April Fool’s, but then I got confused and lost. Had myself a cry, hugged my cat, and postponed some reviews until later. Awhile ago I wanted to be part of the Aberlour A’bunadh community review, and by chance a coworker was going to England. I […]

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Isle of Jura Superstition

Jura; has there ever been a more maligned distillery on /r/Scotch[1] ? Well yes, it’s called Bowmore, and they’re generally not liked, however that doesn’t really help my opening line, as I reviewed Jura Superstition. So for now, let’s pretend everyone loves Bowmore. Okay, stop pretending that, it’s scary, and we shouldn’t do that. Back […]

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Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel

I decided in the past few days that I needed to start reviewing some more Bourbon. Luckily my father is a big bourbon fan, so I decided I’d raid some of his stash. What are sons’ for otherwise? The first one I tried was the Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel. I’ve always been leery of anything […]

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Wiser’s Deluxe

A lot of people out there know Canadian whiskies for either Canadian Club, Crown Royal, or whatever the heck Canadian Mist is (seriously, WTF is it?). Maybe Alberta Premium. The sad part is that, liter for litre, Wiser’s Deluxe is a better mixing Canadian whisky than the typical standard fares of the ones above (maybe […]

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