Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel

I decided in the past few days that I needed to start reviewing some more Bourbon. Luckily my father is a big bourbon fan, so I decided I’d raid some of his stash. What are sons’ for otherwise?

The first one I tried was the Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel. I’ve always been leery of anything by Jack Daniel’s. I have a buddy who drinks it, and well, he becomes Jack, and Jack and I don’t always see eye to eye on things.

That said, I can’t really avoid a whiskey forever if I’m going to be reviewing them, and I’m certainly not going to wuss out just because I usually see it mixed with coke. And it has to be somewhat palatable, right?


Price: $53.00 (CAD)

Region: Tennessee

Abv: 47%

Rick No: R-15

Bottle: 8-0366

Date: 2-1-08

Colour: Wood Paneling

Nose: Solvent, lemon, maple, sour grapes, paper, cedar, leaves, autumn woods after rain

At first I started to question my actions for the day. Then if I should drink this. It kinda smells like chemicals under the sink at first, but after it has a chance to breath, it’s actually quite refreshing, surprisingly enough.

Taste: Alcohol, burnt lemon, pencil shavings, light lime, zucchini, mesquite, honey, chocolate milk

I may have swallowed a forest…. Nope, just very woody. The woods ever present. Not really my jam, though I can dig it. It’s trying dadio, get off it’s back, momma didn’t raise no fool!

Warning: May cause Jive.

Finish: Orange rind, dry, mushroom, peat moss, blue cheese, mesquite BBQ sauce

Fairly typical finish, though I’m enjoying it. It’s somewhat consistent throughout for the earthy tones. Somewhat short though, even for 47% Abv.

Conclusion: I’m pleasantly surprised. When I first started drinking this, I assumed that I’d probably end up punching someone in the face and maybe telling off the dog. Or at least enjoying Country music some more. All kidding and horrible, vaguely stereotyping jokes aside, this was an okay whisky. Fairly one note, that note being wood, though not overly bad. It needs time to really open up to enjoy all of it, and the nose is quite nice. I can see why my father mixes them into Manhattans all the time, and if need be, I’d probably do the same.


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