Buffalo Trace

Buffalo Trace

Wish I could have been part of the community review for this one, however finding a single dram of Bourbon in Ontario is second in difficulty to convincing ones wife that we should go out for dinner to a restaurant downtown strictly for the reason that it serves a certain type of Bourbon.

Luckily my father just purchased a large bottle of Buffalo Trace in the US this past month, and I’ve finally had a chance to try this staple of /r/Bourbon[1] . I’m quite excited, however also worried that if I don’t like it I’ll be tarred and feathered.

Price: $39.85 (CAD)

Abv: 45%

Region: Kentucky

Colour: Stained Wood

Nose: Wet wood, chocolate, pear, kiwi, sweet basil, oregano, coconut

Nicer than other bourbons I’ve had. There’s some more sweetness mixed into the typical vegetal/wood notes. I’m liking this so far. Put away the tar.

Taste: Orange/lemon, nutmeg, oak, vanilla, alcohol burn, scotch bonnet, peaches

Very hot taste on this one, and it doesn’t really slow down over time. It’s nice, as I like spicy/sweet things, so this is turning out nice.

Seriously, stop taking apart chickens/pillows, I’m liking this.

Finish: Chocolate, mushrooms, seaweed, coffee, dry, arugula

Wow. Nice finish on this one. Nothing overly complex at all, however they mix nicely. It’s medium in length, and the umami/seaweed flavour is pretty nice.

Conclusion: Put away the pitchforks, cool down the tar, have a cold shower, re-examine your life and maybe pet a kitten/puppy/gecko, I like this one. Is is mind blowing? No. But does it hit all the right notes, and I’d consider ordering this right up there with some nice Canadian whiskies. I’d recommend everyone try this one.


Bourbon review #4, Kentucky review #3, Whiskey Network review #46

1001 Whiskies to taste before you die review #25

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