Oban 14

Oban 14 2

So here’s the scene: I’ve come back from work, on a Friday, after having security called on me 4 times at an upscale liquor store. That’s a story for another day.

I had Bioshock: Infinite ready to go, my wife was all set to relax, and was excited for a great weekend.

And that’s about the time when the power went out. And what’s there to do when the power’s out? I think it’s time to review!

Oban 14. So… how do I describe how I felt about this Scotch before joining /r/Scotch… well, I’m surprised it’s as popular as it is. When I last had it, I wasn’t too impressed. I blamed that on a bad bottle, and perhaps not having a lot of experience. So here’s to trying it again.

Oban 14 1

Price: $109.95 (CAD)

Region: Highland

Abv: 43.01%

Colour: Dead Grass

Nose: Perfume, corn syrup, cake mix, lots of lemon pudding, light smoke, bay leaves, treacle, quince, butterscotch, mint toothpaste

There’s a lot of sweetness coming off this one, and perfume. And grass. Perhaps reviewing by candlelight was a bad idea. I may be smelling some aftershave that I poured in the dark.

Taste: Lemon pepper, cilantro, cabbage, rock candy, banana, Cointreau, basil

Okay, now I have to check I didn’t mix Grand Marnier and Lemoncello into my glass…. Nope, it’s Oban.

There’s more vegetal now, however the lemon is really creeping up. I won’t say it’s not complex, I’m just having trouble finding something other than lemon.

Finish: Parsley, lemon rind, Szechwan pepper, dry cider, seaweed, dry, orange juice

That lemon, sticking around like that guy at the end of a party who hasn’t gotten the hint. There’s a little bit of heat and sweetness there, but it’s too little too late.

Conclusion: Maybe it wasn’t the bottle after all those years ago. This is fairly one note, and quite sweet. I want to like this, due to peer pressure, however it’s just not my thing. If the above sounds like something you’d enjoy, dive right in. More for you (as I’ll be sticking to Lagavulin).


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