Balvenie Doublewood 12 year

Balvenie 12 Doublewood

A little change of pace for everyone, and a break from some Islay’s for a moment. Don’t worry, more Islay’s to come, but for the time being, let’s stroll into Speyside.

I had a dram recently while out for my wife’s birthday at e11even[1] , in Toronto. And the great food needed to be pair with a great dram, so of course I ordered the Glenlivet 16 Nadurra… which they were out of. So I considered ordering the George Stagg 2012… which would have been mean to my father, as he was driving and is more of a Bourbon fan than I am. And they were out of Talisker 25 year.

Guess I was “stuck” with the Balvenie Doublewood 12 year. Also my gold shoes don’t really fit and I can’t fit all of my $100 bills in my wallet.

I have an odd relationship with Balvenie. They are usually pricey where I live, and I see a lot of reviews up here for them, so I typically don’t order or review them. On the other hand, it was the Balvenie 30 sample that was sent to me that started me on reviews, and this is Scotch review #39, so part of me feels like I owe them somehow. Let’s see how I enjoy the 12 year.

Abv: 40%

Region: Speyside

Price: $72.95 (CAD) for a 750ml

Colour: Old lightbulb

Nose: Strawberry, oak, grass, honeysuckle, perfume

There’s a nice light strawberry and perfume flavour here. It’s quite calming, and pairs nicely with my beef ribs. Nothing too pungent though. 40% strikes again.

Taste: Strawberry, jalapeño, honey, agave syrup, lemon, cumin, lime

The sherry influence starts out strong, though the bourbon cask walks up and takes the front as time goes on, only leaving a honey note. Very typical tastes, nothing out there or odd about this one.

Finish: Flowers, tart cherry, dry, applewood smoke, arugula, oak

Medium in length, the sherry cask has some aspects in here again, however there’s not spices that I’m used to. I’m almost missing them, and wish this was in the sherry cask longer. That being said it still has a nice, usual finish to it, with more floral than I typically drink.

Conclusion: There’s nothing that I can brag about or argue about for this Scotch. It hits the right notes, but could be a high Abv. It has some sherry influence, but not enough. I’d go so far as to say this is what I’d serve someone new to Scotch. I can point to this and say “There’s the usual flavours in that, and if you’re interested, try this”.


Scotch review #39, Speyside review #8, Whisky Network review #52

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