Jameson Irish Whiskey

Jameson 2

So you finish off your Canuck’s, and then what do you move onto next? What’s that? Aussies? Well of course, that’s the better choice, or even Japanese or Indian. Heck, some US single malts are a good plan too. Or maybe you start drinking the three Islay’s you picked up, or the three Ontario Single Malts, or even one of the 6 Scotch samples that are begging to be reviewed.

What do I do instead? I go to Irish, and try out a general entry level Irish everyone has tried at some point, Jameson Irish Whiskey. Actually I notice that I have a sample dram that my parents recently passed along to me, as it was sitting around and no one was drinking it.

Like I said, we’ve all had this once or twice. I typically use the for Manhattan’s, or even Rusty Nails, as they balance out the sweetness in each well drink. But it’s been quite awhile since I’ve had it neat, so I think it’s time for it to be reviewed. According to the website, this is aged in both Sherry casks and bourbon casks. As well, it’s triple distilled, as typical with Irish whiskey.

Jameson 1

Price: $32.95 (CAD)

Abv: 40%

Region: Ireland

Colour: e150

Nose: Wheat, Lemoncello, burn, sour yeast/barley, Windex, steel polisher, sesame

This… wow, this is rough. It’s like I’m back in my waiting days, and the awesome kitchen staff are doing a full clean. I’m a little worried about imbibing this at this point. It may be poison… well, all alcohol is poison, but maybe this is rougher poison. Oh well, down the hatch.

Taste: Lemon, coconut oil, lots of basil, mint sauce, rum, burn, orange juice, watery

Luckily this isn’t a postmortem review. It was, in fact, not a cleaning solution.

There’s a very herbal, grassy flavour in this. It’s hard to taste anything else, though after awhile you get a coconut oil/water/orange mix going on. Not bad, really.

Finish: Chocolate, arugula, burn, cilantro, dough, blackberries, stewed vegetables

The finish is probably the best part so far, though short. Kinda sweet, though the herbs continue, so there’s consistency. That usual dough flavour that sticks around in Irish whiskies is now present.

Conclusion: I didn’t know what to think about this one before I started. I’m not the biggest fan of Irish whiskies, it is 40%, there’s a lot of colouring, and the age statement is no where to be found. Not to mention the nose is similar to something I was taught never to put in my mouth as a child. The taste is okay, though the basil flavour overpowers everything.

If anything, the finish was the best part for me, and saved this one quite a bit. I wouldn’t order this over a Scotch or a Canadian whiskey or anything like that, however I was very much surprised that this wasn’t worse. I may even give it a try again in the future.


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