Aberfeldy 21 [Request]

Aberfeldy 21 2

I recently had a nice night of drams and great company out at my favourite whisky pub in Toronto, Feather’s. And like each time I go there, I have a few great drams and do some reviews.

For this trip I polled /r/Scotch[1] to find what the community would recommend, and a great number of awesome people responded. Thank you all again.

Unfortunately I’m in a leaner month, as summer is coming up and that always saps my wallet quite hard, so I wasn’t able to partake in all of the Scotches recommended to me. I’ll be looking for them in the future.

The three I was able to have (and not be too hungover the next day) were:

  • Aberfeldy 21
  • Balvenie 14 year Carribean Cask (for the community review)
  • Glenglassaugh 1983 Gordon & MacPhail Connoisseurs Choice

Up first, a very good Highland: Aberfeldy 21. This is my first time trying an Aberfeldy, and I was a little reluctant to delve into it. I’m not the biggest Highland fan. Actually, I’ve said multiple times that it’s my least favourite Scotch region and usually lets me down unless the bottle is way too expensive, and even then usually doesn’t live up to Cambeltons or Islays.

Let’s see if this lives up to the hype. I’m also doing this as it was requested in the Scotch Request area.

Aberfeldy 21

Region: Highland

Abv: This is a quandry…. I called up the bar and they said it was 50%…. however I can’t find anything on an Aberfeldy 21 year that is 50%. So thus I’m confused and may have drank a unicorn.

Price: N/A in Ontario

Colour: Champagne

Nose: Light floral, mango, violets, lemon/lime, the beach on a lake, vanilla, oranges, 2×4 made of cedar, latte, banana

Reminds me of one of those 50’s beach parties that you see on TV. Except I believe in the nose instead of what you see on those movies, which you don’t believe as you know they end in racial segregation, unprotected, probably bad sex, and most likely alcohol poisoning.

I’ll have you know that Scotch usually only ends in 2 of the 3.

Back to the Scotch: Really nice, fruity nose on this one. Reminds me more of some nice Lowlands I’ve had, very faint at first and takes awhile to open up.

Taste: Honey, jalapeno, lime, mango, grass, mint, grape, sea air, bitter orange, chocolate milk, lychee

A little bit bitter at first, however this leads to a creamy flavour once it breathes, which the fruit pairing nicely with each portion. Almost tastes too sweet, like Drambuie, though I like things that are very sweet, so that’s a bonus for me.

Finish: Lime, kiwi, oak, cocoa, celery root, canola oil, truffles, little burn, pears, cilantro, white chocolate, toffee, very bitter

More fruit, and the earthiness that you usually look for is now there. My main problem is the bitterness, and that’s where this dram starts losing points. I’m fine with a little bit of bitter as contrast, and it was good in the taste, however the finish tastes like it was dumped at prom and never go over it and brings it up at work every damn day and never dates because of it.

Conclusion: This is one of the best Highlands I’ve ever had. It has a complex nose, a good balanced taste that evolves over time, and.. well, a super bitter taste that lets you down a little bit. Everyone should try this one. It is really where Highlands should aim. The terroir is exemplified well, and it’s quite good.


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