Forty Creek Copper Pot Reserve

Forty Creek Copper Pot

My continuing drive to try and review all of the Forty Creek whiskies (save for the Whisky cream) continues with Forty Creek Copper Pot Reserve. They just keep making some great stuff, bucking a lot of unpleasing Canuck whisky trends, and generally are nice people(Ed. Note: I don’t think you can say that as you don’t know for sure).

That being said, given that Heart of Gold was just released, I’m hoping they don’t go full Bruichladdich on us.

The Forty Creek Copper Pot Reserve sits (price and quality wise) between the Barrel Select and the Double Barrel Reserve. Let’s see if it’s well worth the (low) price.

Price: $28.45 (CAD)

Region: Ontario, Canada

Abv: 43%

Colour: Chocolate

Nose: Currant, nutmeg, plums, maple, cinnamon, pear, caramel, pepper, clean linen, vanilla

There’s some things hear to remind you this is a Canadian (maple). However it has one of the nicer noses that I’ve had of Forty Creek, and they are starting to dance in that faint Glenfiddich area. It’s nice.

Taste: Gravel, caramel, pepper, chocolate, maple, sour fruit, sugared cranberries, cherry, cloves, vanilla, butter

This is quite sour. Almost too much. The sourness plays off the earthiness and the sweetness. It calms down after a LONG time, and generally mellows out, however some people may find it a little overpowering.

The taste reminds me of a few Bourbons I’ve had.

Finish: Bitter, orange juice, cranberry juice, earth, metallic, sea salt

And the last part reminds me of Irish. That may be a put off for some people, however it could just be the metallic parts to it. There’s something good to start here, and I was quite pleased with this.

Conclusion: If an Irishman moved to the US to make a slightly port aged Bourbon, this would be the first result. I’m somewhat torn on this one. I find it good for the price, and I’d serve/swap anyone a nice dram without regret or fear of anger, yet there are some misses that I can’t excuse (maple in the nose, unbalanced taste, metallic finish).

All in all, you can’t go wrong with Forty Creek, and the Copper Pot is an upgrade from the Barrel Select


World Whisky review #20, Canada review #12, Whisky Network review #71

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