Balvenie 14 Caribbean Cask


Community review time! This was reviewed as part of a three part dram tasting I did at my local pub. This was the “baby” of the three, even though it’s technically the second oldest of the bunch.

Huh, confused myself. Off to a good start on this review. Let’s do the rest in pirate to ensure I go right off the bell-end.

Region: Speyside

Abv: 43%

Price: $103.45

Colour: Golden Rum (Such a cop out)

Nose: Bananas, wort, brown sugar, lily, papaya, rotten veggies, marmalade, lemon tart

I be expectin’ a heavy rum smell, an’ this married well wi’ th’ typical Balvenie. Quite nice, howere I wish thar be one or two more voyages in th’ casks.

Taste: Caramel, clove, nutmeg, Thai chili, lime, banana bread, sourdough, chocolate, raspberry, vanilla cake, pepper, starch

Really bready taste here, which takes some time t’ get used t’. Th’ Balvenie sweetness pairs well wi’ ‘t, an’ I be enjoyin’ this more than th’ Doublewood, th’ scurvy dog.

Finish: Olive oil, caraway, pineapple, sea air, banana, wheat, antiseptic, orange rind, yeast, creme brulee

The finish started off arrr, then turned quite bitter an’ like a cutlass trow th’ gut. I really do think th’ colourin’ or too wee voyages in th’ Rum casks be t’ blame. Good try tho.

Conclusion: Very smooth, supple nose that leads t’ a full flavour an’ then almost a great nose. Arrr, I be a fan, an’ wouldna turn down a dram. If th’ keg didna cost so much, I`d probably steal dis as a sippin’ Speyside t’ be havin’ around.


YAR! This be Scotch review #52, Speyside review #11, Whisky Network review #73

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