Lot 40 2012

Lot 40 2012

It’s odd when you swap with someone. I recently opened up my bottle of Lot 40 to swap with UncleTobys, and then put it back up on my shelf. Oddly enough, I hadn’t tried any yet, so when I got back from a busy weekend I decided it was time to do another world whisky review.

Lot 40 was recently re-released after being off the market for about 10 years. It’s brought out by Colby, and it’s typically reviewed very well. It came out with Pike Creek whisky, which I’ve had enjoyed for awhile, and reviewed quite awhile ago here.[1]

I also thought that we needed some more Canucks worth drinking on this sub. Cause you guys would like to hear about the good Canuck whiskies at SOME point, I picked out this one. Probably be slowing down a little bit on reviews over the next while, as I have some open bottles to finish off.

Region: Canada

Abv: 43%

Price: $39.90 (CAD)

Colour: Brown Marker

Nose: Banana, caramel, mint, white cake, vanilla bean, craisins, parsley, blackberry jam

This is the first time I’ve had a Canuck whisky and not gotten a maple flavour. This one was more banana and nicely sweet. It’s not overly sweet. There’s a lot of fruit notes throughout the nose, as well as herbal flavours. It’s quite nice.

Taste: Banana chips, jalapeno, butterscotch, dry pear, cranberry juice, oregano, orange mist, vanilla

Still some sweetness, though it’s balanced out and has a tart flavour as well. It’s nicely done, and I could see this becoming a staple… if I can find it. Every so often I go looking and it’s just not there.

I guess some people caught wind of a good Canadian Whisky for only $40.

Finish: Strawberry, red pepper, blueberry, nougat, pepper, clove, dry lemon, sea salt

The beginning of the fall spices start coming out at the end, though the sweetness and the dry tart tastes do continue on.

Conclusion: I don’t know if this one is sold in other Countries, but if it is, be on the look out. This is a good Canadian whisky, and I’d be willing to stock this over a lot of whiskies I’ve had. Not to mention that the price is pretty impressive, and while expensive for a Canuck, Lot 40 is not at all expensive compared to other whisky. This is what Canadian whisky should aspire to be.


World Whisky review #21, Canada #13, Whisky Network review #74

1001 Whiskies to taste before you die review #43

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