Glenfiddich 15 Solera [Feather’s Flight Review Set #3]

Glenfiddich 15

Quick Recap: So each year, for my friend’s birthday, I bring him out to that pub I won’t shut up about[1] and buy him and myself a flight of Scotch. Suffice to say, I enjoy his birthday almost as much as he does. If you’re following my posts closely, you’ll be creepy…. also, you’ll remember I did this last year as well.

This year we did the Highland/Speyside flight:

Savvy? Good, you’re caught up. Link to Glen Garioch above, as well as my past reviews of the two past ones I’ve already reviewed.

Today we’ll be reviewing the Glenfiddich 15 year Solera. My buddy didn’t remember having many Sherried Scotches, so this was a new discovery for him. You’ve all probably had a Glenfiddich before, and know what to expect. Fun Fact: Glenfiddich means “Valley of the Deer”, which is why the stag is everywhere on their bottles.

For this whisky, they’ve matured in Sherry casks that were used for aging Sherry using the Solera process. In that case, you fill a succession of containers at a certain interval. Then after the interval is done, you tap the oldest for part of its contents, and then fill it with the second oldest container.

TL; DR: There’s a bunch of Sherry flavour up in this hizzy yo due to a process that allows for varying shorties to contribute flavs.

Now that I’ve proven I’m so white I’m clearer than a Sailing Scientologist, let’s move onto the review.

Region: Speyside

Abv: 40%

Price: N/A

Colour: Faded blood on gold bricks (In literary terms, we call this foreshadowing)

Nose: Cherry, strawberry, strippers, cotton candy, angel food cake, wheat, honey, little butter

Yeah, strippers. This smells like that one stripper who wears a lot of red, and you end up in her chest, and later on everything smells like fake strawberry and candy. Or maybe her name was Candy.

None the less, it’s all red berries and candy. And don’t eat the red berries unless you know they are safe, kids (in literary terms, this is a metaphor, calling back to the strippers before, made in an innocuous sense. It’s questionable if it will work)

Taste: Weak, strawberry, Fruite Fruit Punch drink, oak, grape, chocolate, cough syrup

So… weak. Like, me when I was 10 weak (I was a fat kid). There’s some fruit punch/cough syrup, but it’s mixed into the typical Glenfiddich 12 year, so the oak and grape are hanging out… wondering what the hell happened to the neighborhood after the red scare went through (In literary terms, we have no idea what he’s calling back here, and are worried that it may be racist, even though it’s not meant to be).

Finish: Weak Kool-aid, oak, pear, cherry

Short, sad, weak sauce finish. I’d rather buy the 12 year than the Solera.

Conclusion: Well, you gotta start at the bottom before you try any at the top, and in this case, that was very much not a favourite of ours. It was too watered down, too weak, and the Solera cask didn’t marry well with the typical Glenfiddich taste. This one was aged in Bourbon, Sherry, Virgin Oak, and then finished in the Solera, and it almost seems like it didn’t stay long enough in each one for my tastes. I’d be normally worried that I had skewed my tastebuds before hand, however we had this one second, and ensured it breathed for quite a bit, so I’m moreso inclined to blame it on the low Abv.


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