Glenlivet Scott’s Selection 1977 [Feather’s Flight Review Set #3]

Glenlivet Scott's 1977 1 Glenlivet Scott's 1977 2 Glenlivet Scott's 1977 3

Quick Recap: So each year, for my friend’s birthday, I bring him out to Feather’s pub[1] and buy him and myself a different flight of Scotch. I like having friends who like Scotch. If you’re following my posts closely, that’s completely normal and I’m proud of you…. also, you’ll remember I did this last year as well.

This year we did the Highland/Speyside flight:

Savvy? Good, you’re caught up. Link to others above, as well as my past reviews of the two past ones I’ve already reviewed.

Glenlivet is one of my buddy’s favourite distilleries. Called the “My Little Pony” of Scotch by me, it’s typically a pretty, Avon like flavour, having more floral aspects as well as Citrus undertones. With their decent set of expressions, one usually doesn’t go to an Independent Bottler for Glenlivet, which is odd. Well, I usually don’t go finding them.

Bring in the Glenlivet Scott’s Selection 1977 . Bottled by Speyside Distillery as part of their “rare malts” group which Robert Scott (master blender) would hand pick, and age until they hit perfection. No colouring or chill filtering. This is watched over still by Robert Scott, who has officially retired from the company yet still shows up as a hobby.

So now that I’ve amped up everyone’s thoughts on this, let’s see if it lives up to the hype.

Glenlivet Scott's 1977 4

Price: N/A

Region: Speyside

Abv: 47.1%

Year Distilled: 1977

Year Bottled: 2005

Colour: Pale Straw

Nose: Cantaloupe, peach, melon, light floral, pineapple, beach, honey, lime

Very tropical smells on this one. Almost reminds me of having daiquiris on the beach. Was hoping it would be a little stronger, though I’m happy that it’s moving away from the typical Glenlivet while retaining that signature flavour.

Taste: Honey, chilis, plums, mint, pepper, lime, lemon, orange, flowers, cantaloupe, nutmeg

More different flavours, though they are all fighting for parts of my tongue. It’s nice, don’t get me wrong, it just needs… something. Less time in the cask?

Finish: Bitter leaves, faint cinnamon, orange, cardamon, smooth, cinnamon

There’s a great spicy finish. I think this is where the Scotch shines, and I can now see why this one was left in the cask longer.

Conclusion: Okay nose, muddled taste, nice, great finish. I almost with they had done something different with this one. Maybe a different finish? Or maybe there’s a balance between the great Finish and the multiple personality taste. Either way, I’d still recommend someone try a dram of this, as it’s really worth it.


Scotch review #64, Speyside #16, Whisky Network review #86

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