Jura 18 Battlehill

Jura 18 Battlehill 2

Hey all, quick review before the first day of Fanexpo. Depending on the bar we end up at tonight, I may have one tomorrow as well.

Is it obvious that I’m in vacation mode now? Trust me, it’s like alcoholic mode, yet it doesn’t last a long time, I sleep in my own bed, my life doesn’t fall apart, and you end up with way more reviews.

Special thanks to /u/GWCad[1] for this sample. He went through a lot of heck with our trades and I really appreciated this sample. Seriously good guy.

Anyway, the dram I’ll be reviewing today is the Jura Battlehill 18 year. It’s a Jura, so I know everyone is excited, as it’s a very polarizing distillery. And then it’s from Battlehill, who don’t colour, or chill filtered their Scotch. Also everything is bottled at 43%…. so nobody’s perfect.

Jura is an Island Scotch and the only distillery on Jura. I don’t know where this one was aged, so that may change some things up a little. I enjoy Superstition, so we’ll have to see how this one fares.

Jura 18 Battlehill 1

Price: N/A in Ontario

Region: Island

Abv: 43%

Colour: Straw

Nose: Sour grapes, oranges, lime, smoked nectarines, peach cobbler, sweet grass, pot pourri, honey roasted nuts, sea air

This… doesn’t smell like a Jura at all. Or an Island. It has a little sea air, though there’s very little smokiness and tons of sweetness. Like a smoked peach cobbler, which I’ll have to make at some point. Imagine a Lowland that was lightly smoked.

Taste: Grass, sweet mango, lemongrass, oranges, key lime, curry, chili powder, lemon, earthy

Lots of grass and sweetness. Tons of heat, especially for 43%. Kinda like a BBQ or a Tex-Mex dish. Nothing too special, and it takes a long time to get past the mango and orange flavours.

FInish: Sweet potato, lettuce, cucumber, apple, nutmeg, dry, mustard

Very faint finish, and very short. Took me quite awhile to figure it out. Lots of earth.

Conclusion: It’s like someone tried to take Jura and make something else with it. So you have some of the typical flavours (earth, sourness) mixed with a new flavour profile. It’s like forcing two people to kiss. It’s awkward and not too great. I’m glad I tried this one, and I’ll keep looking for other Jura’s that match the elements I like in Superstition.


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