Dalmore 12

Dalmore 12

We’re all starting to hit that point in the trip where it turns out that our otherwise healthy habits of not running and eating food with butter in it aren’t helping us walk 4 hours a day and drink every day. Go figure, eh?

Unfortunately, the bar I’ve been enjoying, the Parcel Yard in Leicester, has run out of independent bottlings for me to try. Well, there’s two left, but I’ll talk about those weirdos later. Also I’m having trouble fitting all my 100 dollar bills in my wallet and my diamond shoes came in too small.

I decided it was time to explore an original bottling, as my wife wasn’t done her wine, and I needed another dram (this vacation is going to kill me). I decided on the Dalmore 12 year.

The 12 year is made in a peculiar way. It’s aged all together for 9 years in American white oak ex-bourbon barrels, and then half is put in sherry casks (Matusalem oloroso) and the other half stays in the bourbon, all before being mixed together, like some odd reunion.

I wonder how this will different from other sherried casks?

Price: N/A in Ontario

Region: Highland

Abv: 40%

Colour: Light brown

Nose: Turnip, cherry, molasses, blueberry, apple pie, caramel, roses

There’s a lot of fruit here. Mixes around quite a bit, though there’s a little bit of earthiness to not make it a dessert wine. I’m guessing leaving all of the dram in the casks for 3 years would have made this quite fruity.

Taste: Caramel, gooseberry, figs, walnuts, cherry, nutmeg, chocolate

Really rich, though also really one note. The bourbon and sherry have mixed to make chocolate fruit bark I made last year using Tequila and…. well, I don’t remember much after the tequila, but the chocolate and fruit were there.

Finish: Green apple, cigars, blueberry, grapes, ketchup, hot sauce, cranberry, coffee, chocolate

Actually nice, somewhat smokey, and creamy finish. I’m surprised, the 12 year has tasted a little better than the other Dalmores I’ve had

Conclusion: Surprisingly nice, I do like this to sip, and it is a nice way to start out the line. There’s a lot of sweetness and fruit, though it punches above it’s pay grade. I’d even go so far as to say this Distillery has the chance to be better overall than other Highlands I’ve had.


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