Tobermory 10 [Re-Review]

So I’m currently working on my next multiple review, however I have a couple samples that just can’t be grouped together, no matter how much I think outside the box and attempt to match them like Duplo blocks and the cat. Awhile back, when it was warmer out, I had a Scotch tasting party[1] . […]

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Alberta Springs 10 Rye

It’s officially cold as heck now, and as such, I need to start drinking Canuck whisky again. Why? Because I’m one of the vast majority of Canadians who lives close to the border but pretends like the cold I deal with is the equivalent to the Yukon. Hooray misunderstood nationalism! Recently I was asked if […]

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Wild Turkey 81 Proof

Been awhile since I’ve had a chance to review a Bourbon (since I was on a bender in the UK), so when I ended up having a relaxing day on Saturday, watching my new kitten play with my older kitten, it seemed like the best time. My one buddy who enjoys whisky as much as […]

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Hakushu Bourbon Barrel

While in the U.K. I put in an order from Master’s of Malt. One of the bottle sets that caught my eye was the Unusual Cask Whisky Tasting Set[1] . I’m a fan of odd finishes, so I thought it would be fun. I’d already reviewed the Balvenie 14 year Caribbean Cask here[2] and the […]

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