Port Ellen 24 [Feather’s Flight Review Set #5]

Port Ellen 24 1Port Ellen 24 2

If you’re just tuning in, it’s that time of year again, when either I or my buddy has a birthday, I take him out or I am taken out to The Feather’s Pub[1] , eat, and be merry. Also I do a bevy of reviews.

My father surprised me on this last trip. He asked for the whisky menu (novel) and asked me which region he was allowed. With my wife’s help, they picked out (and told me, no mystery this time) Port Ellen 24 year.

See, this is how I know I was raised right, my dad is awesome at picking a good dram. That’s all you really need, after all, the rest just falls into place. Show your son how to pick whisky, the rest comes naturally (Oh god don’t listen to me about children advice, my cat’s barely listen to me, my father did so much more to raise me than just teaching me how to choose alcohol).

What can I say about Port Ellen that others haven’t already? People still lament them closing in 1983, they were the Islay distillery (fucking cocaine and large hair), they still release bottles that drive people nutty.

Granted some people also probably lamented Diageo buying up all of the stock of what’s left, and turning it into a collectors item, but granted me gushing about it isn’t going to help, so I better not start throwing stones since I live in a glass house.

Note: I did add water to this one, however it didn’t change the flavours, so I won’t be adding any notes about that other than this one. Note: This note, within a note, has a note in it noting it’s a note and thus disavows the other note. Note; Yo Dawg.

Price: If it was available in Ontario, we’d probably go all Mad Max to buy it.

Abv: 57.3%

Bottle # 956 of 9000

Distilled: 1979

Colour: Hay

Nose: Peat, light butterscotch, brine, vanilla wafers, cherry

The peat on this is different than an Ardbeg or a Laphroaig. It’s present, it takes up the forefront, however it is closer to a softer smoke, like that from Mesquite smoked whisky.

Wait, that’s not common. It’s… up, like burning oak versus pine needles. Nicer to sniff. Like a lady.

Moving on….

Taste: Brine, anise, caramel, peat, chocolate, raisins

The peat has evolved with the briney saltiness and gives you a sweeter, smoother flavour, almost like a brandy. Very nice spice on the tongue.

Also like a lady. Or dude, if that’s what you’re into. I mean, I’m not really the best to review men. It’d probably be like this:

Review of Bill

Price: What kind of person do you take me for? I’m not that ugly!

Region: Didn’t ask

Abv: Seems like he’s sober, so… 0.05% or less?

Colour: Geez, racist much?

Nose: Like man sweat, not pleasant

Taste: Gross. Like hair and sweat and Bruce Campbell.

Finish: Wasn’t able to, just not into dudes, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Why did I do this?


Moving along…

Finish: Strawberry, butter tarts[2] , smoke, salami, floral, dry pear, brine, lemon

Oh my god that finish is amazing. There’s a complex mixture of flavours ranging from peat to floral notes to fruit to butter tarts. Just wow. Can’t even keep up with my dumb Xzibit joke anymore, this is something amazing.

Conclusion: This is one fine piece of work, let me tell you. It has an ever evolving nose, a great finish, and an okay taste. And oddly enough, the taste was good, just not as complex as I have had. And that’s not me bashing this, it’s amazing; it’s me trying to point out some little reason why this isn’t the top whisky I’ve ever had. It’s well done, much better than Bill, just… god I wish I had a bottle of this.


Scotch review #139, Islay review #37, Whisky Network review #184

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