Bruichladdich 35 1966 Old Malt Cask [Feather’s Flight Review Set #5]

Bruichladdich 35 OMC 1 Bruichladdich 35 OMC 2

Went to Feather’s Pub[1] again, had a great time, my parents were involved, we had fun.

This one is brought to us by my mother, who noted the colour was quite nice, and as such, I had to try it.

In 1966, Bruichladdich Distillery stopped malting their own barely, and started buying it from Port Ellen. It makes sense to have this one after the Port Ellen 24 year, as it’s the same malted barely, albeit with a 13 year difference. And a different person in charge of it. With different conditions.

We’ll have to see how it’s been aged differently.

But where are my manners? I didn’t tell you the name, all bolded like a ponce yet? Today we’re reviewing Bruichladdich 35 year Old Malt Cask. No colouring, no chill filtering, bottled at cask strength and comes out swinging. Before Bruichladdich was known for Octomore or Waves or Port Charlottle, this was their dram. At only 228 bottles, I feel privileged to be drinking this.

And I feel like I wouldn’t have had half the chances to try great malts without my mom both being at home for me during my formative years or helping me pay for University, so thanks Mom. And not to be outdone, my Dad taught me how to work, how to be a proper person, and a bevy of skills, so thanks Dad.

Granted you may just think I’m sucking up to them because they are buying me booze in the US, but that’s only half the reason. They deserve it, even if they weren’t booze shopping for me.

Enough sobbing, let’s move on to the review of the oldest stuff I’ve ever had (Insert a granny sex joke here to lighten the mood).

Price: N/A in Ontario

Region: Islay

Abv: 40.5%

Colour: Caramel- Orange

Nose: Currant, raspberry, nutmeg, caramel, jellybean, floral, red licorice, candied apple

This is like smelling the penny candy section in a convenience store. Wait, do they still have penny candy? Shit, I feel old.

It has just enough caramel and nutmeg to knock you into thinking it’s a liquour. Takes awhile to open up, however once it does, it’s a special treat.

Taste: Candied bacon, jujubes, strawberry, oak, olive oil, earth

You know what makes bacon better? Turning it into Candy. And before you ask, yes, my individual fat rolls do have diabetes.

This is dangerously smooth on the tongue. Reminds me of what I wanted Glenfiddich 15 to be, and there’s an earth note that ties it together.

For those of you who missed my review of Glenfiddich 15, I thought it tasted like that one stripper you see who has red glitter all over herself. Herpes and Strawberries, in other words.

Finish: Anise, eucalyptus, bitter lemon, smoke, apple, brine, corn

And then the end happens and the candy is gone and there’s this smokey flavour, almost like smoking a ham with some Chinese Five Spice and some apples. Doesn’t fit with the rest, almost should be the end on an older bourbon that was smoked.

Conclusion: I’m having fun with different writing styles.

Oh, wait, conclusion of the whisky, not my insane inane writing. Dur.

This is a tasty dram that the Angel’s have stolen too much of. The taste is great, the nose is fantastic, and the finish could be better, but isn’t enough to pass on it. It didn’t need water this time, so I didn’t add it. You could actually just sit back and drink this neat and lose a bottle in a few hours, it’s that smooth. And yet it’s smooth without losing complexity.

It has flaws, sure, and because of them I take marks off, but this is a wonderful dram that shouldn’t be passed on if you have the chance.


Scotch review #140, Islay review #38, Whisky Network review #185

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