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So as you may be able to tell from my flair, I play Dungeons and Dragons. Specifically, I Game Master it. Yeah, I’m one of THOSE nerds (not the ones running outside though… that requires a lot more fitness and planning than I can muster).

In my games, my players have figured out that names that are hard to pronounce are a bad idea, as I’ll butcher then or Francophone them or just hurt them… unless their African in nature, but that’s just a fluke. I’m horrible at pronunciation.

And that’s why I had to purchase a dram of anCnoc 12 from Masters of Malt, brought over in pristine condition by a friend from the UK. Because if I ever attempted to pronounce anCnoc, I’d choke on my own tongue and, worse yet, the bartender would laugh at me and think I don’t know whisky from water.

For those of you wondering, it’s pronounced “a-nock”. It’s made by Knockdhu, which is pronounced “Fuck it I give up”. Made in Aberdeenshire, aged in American and Spanish oak barrels, used to mature either bourbon or sherry, and aged in a constant stable temperature.

Let’s see what the opening volley from the unspeakable distillery is called.

anCnoc 12 2

Price: N/A in Ontario

Region: Highland

Abv: 40%

Nose: Honey, apple, sour pear, dry sand, yeast, seltzer water, light oak

There’s a Gaelic proverb that goes “Cha deoch-slàint, i gun a tràghadh”. And I think that sums this up.

Wait, not everyone know the unpronounceable. It smells like white wine. Like a lighter white wine, in fact, or a champagne in a normal wine glass.

Taste: Weak caramel, oak, green apple, smoke, dust, dark chocolate, salt

It’s kinda weak. Chan fhiach cuirm gun a còmhradh. Completely.

It also tastes like dusty chocolate apples. Not really my thing. Not overly bitter, just dusty. Like licking old people. Or at least what I imagine that would taste like…. Moving on…

Finish: Oak, apple juice, bitters, pear, dust, cumin, bay leaf, dry

Dry finish, some herbal notes that are new and nice. Granted, as the old saying goes, Eiridh tonn air uisge balbh.


Conclusion: It has some sweet notes, but honestly, Ge milis a’ mhil, cò dh’imlicheadh o bhàrr dri i? It’s just not really my “thing”. I’m sure there’s people who would enjoy the subtle malt, but in the end, it’s mostly light sweet notes, some oak, off putting notes, and too weak to buy. I’m not hating it, but I’m not also not buying it.


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