Kirkland Speyside Sherry Cask Finished 20

Kirkland Speyside Sherry Cask Finished

Quick thanks to /u/EMoneySC2 for this odd dram.

And why is it odd? Well, oddness is in the eye of the Beholder. The main one that causes a anti-magic field, not the side ones that shoot rays that petrify you.

See, I live in Canada (surprised, right? I never bring it up). And in Canada, the store brand reigns supreme. We have so many good store brands, there’s really no reason to ever pay full price for a name brand. Heck, one of our store brands now has a PREMIUM line up. Yeah, Bacon marmalade and cherry salsa bitches, we be living the high life in Canada.

I’ve never been so white than the last sentence.

Anyway, the one thing we also have in this part of Canada are ridiculous alcohol laws. So much, that even though we’re kings of the store brand, we don’t really have any store brand alcohol. Well, we do, but they aren’t that great. No whisky or vodka. I think I can find a beer, but it’s nothing special.

And then someone tells me that Kirkland Speyside Sherry Cask Finished – 20 year exists and I think they are nuts. I mean, Costco has booze? What crazy world is this? One where alcohol has been accepted as a vice that should be done in a calm, respectful manner for adults who can make choices? Fuck off.

Anyway, from what I hear, this is pretty hard to do for a whisky company. You have to show up, and be selected from thousands of other whisky makers. Then, you are the 1 that they decide to put the label on.

Oh, and that happens every year. So you gotta bring your A game.

No wonder they showed up with a 20 year old Speyside. Let’s see how it tastes.

Kirkland Speyside Sherry Cask Finished 2

Price: N/A in Ontario

Region: Speyside

Abv: 40%

Colour: Burnt orange wood

Nose: Raisin, orange juice, cloves, rum sauce, cinnamon, dark cherry

Strong nose, doesn’t smell anything like whisky. At all. If I had to guess, I’d say this was rum. Very juicy. Me likely.

Taste: Cherry, clove, sea salt, cola, wood, peach

Well… I mean, it’s a store brand, right? Still, for a 20 year old whisky, I was expecting… I don’t know, more? Maybe something complex? Maybe something that sets off memories. And not Vietnam memories, as I’m not that old, but like good memories.

Finish: Earth, cinnamon, cranberries, licorice, oak, caramel, citrus

It’s earthy at the end. A little bit too much. Ends quickly as well. Not a fan of the finish. Reminds me of Macallan, but not the fine oak ones.

Conclusion: This is a pretty solid whisky, overall. Now, is it “OMG 20 year” amazing? No, and that’s probably due to the low Abv. and perhaps older sherry casks. Or maybe it was just too simple and smooth. Great nose though.

It’s solid, and for $45 USD, I’d probably have it on hand instead of most blends.


Scotch review #172, Speyside #50, Whisky Network review #225

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