Glenfarclas 17

Glenfarclas 17

So take a moment, let go of all those crazy background thoughts, and let your imagination open up. Breathe in, breathe out. Churn one out if you need to and come back, then go into your happy place before reading this, and imagining yourself in a far away time.

It’s Christmas. Yes, it’s cold out, and this year, you’ve asked for a bevy of different whiskies, all of which you’ve never tried. All to warm you up, be drank, shared, and swapped for even more drams.

And you’re excited. First you open up one, and it’s a bottle of Glenfarclas 17. Awesome. It’s an Advanced dram, and you’ve been waiting and wanting to try it for ever.

And then, a day later, at the next Christmas (because you have three, because fuck yeah, Newton’s Birthday), you open up another cylinder to find…. Glenfarclas 17.

And your wife and parents got mixed up.

So I ended up laughing, as I had really wanted to try the above. The 15 year had been so tasty, and every so often I enjoy a nice, really sherried dram. So I eventually opened this one up for a few swaps awhile ago, and this past Sunday, after watching tons of Russell Howard’s Good News, playing MTG on Xbox, and cleaning the house, I decided it was as great a time to celebrate Christmas in spring.

Price: N/A at the moment

Region: Speyside

Abv: 43%

Colour: Light gold

Nose: Strawberry jam, nutmeg, cherry, ginger, caramel, pepper

As other Glenfarclases… Glenfarclie… Glenfarclesen… whatever… As other Sherried Speysides from Farclas, this is jam. Tasty, wonderful, alcoholic jam, right in the nose, with spices and a wee, tiny bit of caramel adding to it.

The additional time has made this even more jammy.

Taste: Cherry, red pepper flakes, strawberry, vanilla pudding, ginger, dry pear, cashew

Ever have spicy jam? It’s tasty as heck. And this reminds me of it at first. Let it breathe, and it’s sweet again. Let it breathe some more, and there’s a dryness like a Pinot Grigio. This is a tasty dram

Finish: Red licorice, mushroom, butter, white cake, sprite, white chocolate, mint

The finish is a tad.. odd… Kinda like driving in a country with 1000 road signs, a tad confusing, some elements that don’t really fit together, but nice.

Conclusion: I’m happy I have two bottles of this, as I think this is where Glenfarclas starts to take off and become something more than just sherry flavoured whisky. Yes, it needs some updating, however you start to find more than just the sum of its parts.

Still needs work, but I’d still recommend it.


Scotch review #174, Speyside #52, Whisky Network review #227

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