Glenfarclas 21 [Re-review]

Re-reviews are fun. Let me just start with that. And it was /u/Allumina[1] who sent me this initially as a blind review back for secret swap, and I decided that I needed to re-review it, as I wanted a cleaner palate, no time limit, and generally to be in a better mood to give it […]

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Tobermory 15

So… like I need more downvotes with the reviews I’ve been putting up on /r/Wine, however, I think I owe this distillery, and /u/reddbdb to keep reviewing them. Thanks to /u/PACitizen for the sample. For those of you wondering, I’m not a fan of Tobermory 10. You can find each of the reviews of it I have […]

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Whistle Pig Boss Hog 2013

Thanks to /u/EMoneySC2[1] for the dram! I’m sometimes asked why I want some of the Ryes aged in the US that source their juice from Canada. I mean, I could just buy the Canadian whisky, right? Well… there are some differences. First off, yes, the rye and the water comes from Alberta. And I don’t […]

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Glenfarclas 25

Big thanks to /u/Allumina for swapping me this dram and some other Glenfarclas to help round out the distillery. Glenfarclas 25 is the next extension I’ve done in the Glenfarclas line. Don’t worry, I’ll be jumping back down the line to try the 21 year, and I’m still searching out the 18 year just to be […]

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