Forty Creek Small Batch Reserve [The Dam Pub Flight Review Set #1]

Forty Creek Small Batch Reserve

Hey! You! Yes, you! The person reading these words, thinking it’s a review! Yes, it’s a review, but first, if you want to go to a pub with over 700 whiskies, then it’s time to visit The Dam Pub . Please come to Ontario, the area is amazing. I walked in treetops and flew down zip lines at 55mph.

And then I had some drams. Glad you’re caught up, let’s jump to the next Forty Creek limited release offering.

Back in 2007, when Forty Creek was still part of Kittling Ridge and we were all young and stupid, Forty Creek decided to celebrate 15 years of whisky distilling by bringing out Forty Creek Small Batch Reserve, in what would eventually become a yearly event for Canucks, with a special edition each Fall.

And this sold out quick. At only 6000 bottles, it was almost like Canadian whisky fans were clamouring for it.

Almost, right?

Anyway, I could really find what made this one “special” other than Mr. Hall labeled it as an impeccable cask, and as such saved it up. And… that’s all I could find, as I’m sick and my Google-Fu is weak.

Soon my Google-Fu will be stronger, and I will scream while searching.

I may have a fever. Not caused by the booze.

Price: All sold out kids.

Region: Canadian

Abv: 40%

Bottle No: 2021

Lot: 104

Colour: Amber

Nose: Spices, oak, carrot, cayenne, orange, perfume

The spices aren’t distinguishable, though mix well. Again with that nice perfume note from the rye, and more of the carrot, yet this time it’s not weak. It’s strong, like how we imagine ourselves right before we orgasm. Which as we all know, is a short time, you’re happy, and then you’re back to being weak.

This is the human condition, right?

Taste: Carrot juice, light oak, plum, mint, ash, vanilla

Wait, did I just mention Orgasming? Can dress me up, can’t take me anywhere.

Anyway, this is delicate. Not overly complex, though the oak and sweetness mix wonderfully.

Finish: Port, yeast, butter, cranberry, maple, dough, cocoa, mace (nutmeg)

Okay, this finish is amazing. It’s smooth, sweet, complex, and there’s this amazing bread/port mixture that I’d never thought I’d want.

I mean, when’s the last time you wanted sour dough with butter and port cranberry jam?

Conclusion: The nose and taste are okay. They do some different, nice, floral things that you only find in well crafted ryes. The finish though? That’s the main act. The happy ending, if it were. The entire reason you pick based on looks and then have some really dumb conversations later on and then regret the whole damn relationship. That is the best part. It’s complex. And that’s why you try a dram of this. Maybe hunt down a bottle (good luck) if you love the finish after that, but this you have to try.

It’s the whisky that launched a yearly tradition, after all.


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