Hibiki 12 / 17 / 21

Well, it’s that time again… kind of. There’s no “Mega review” at the end of this, however I have to start reviewing more of the multiple reviews and free up some sample bottles, as you can guess based on some posts I’ve put up as of late. Special thanks to /u/studebaker103[1] for this excellent, interesting […]

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Talisker 57° North

I don’t think I’ll ever be more confused about a distillery than Talisker. To start off, the negative, because I eat my veggies first, meat second. They are owned by Diageo (boo, boo, booo-urns!) And that makes people annoyed, as they could be making interesting, crazy things, but are hampered by a large corporation that […]

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Glen Grant 10

Special thanks to /u/Porkpants81 for this interesting dram. After a long day of wine trips and eating way, way too many great burgers, it was time to come back down to earth. Have something that more so not as filled with tons of beef. And this dram definitely has less beef. Which is good, because if […]

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Old Fitzgerald Very Special 12

I will calmly and bluntly state that I know very little about Bourbon. Seriously, very little. I know the legal definitions, I’ve reviewed some, I’ve found what I like and don’t, however I’m not going to act like I know everything or really that much. So when /u/dros_guy stated he had some samples of whiskies he […]

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Rittenhouse Rye Bottled in Bond

As I write this, I’m in the midst of a fun, relaxed staycation, and I needed it. Thus, as part of my staycation, in addition to catching up on Far Cry 3, going to World Pride parade, and generally eating lots of tasty burgers and fresh fruit, I’m tasting a few drams. Rittenhouse Rye is […]

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Alberta Premium

Thanks to /u/muaddib99 for a dram of this. So we’ve all heard about Alberta Premium Dark Horse. And there have been some great reviews for it. Trust me, it’s amazing, and you should have it. That said, however, no one ever talks about Alberta Premium, the starter, flagship, walk out into the world, “mixer” one. And […]

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