Alberta Premium

Alberta Premium 1

Thanks to /u/muaddib99 for a dram of this.

So we’ve all heard about Alberta Premium Dark Horse. And there have been some great reviews for it.

Trust me, it’s amazing, and you should have it.

That said, however, no one ever talks about Alberta Premium, the starter, flagship, walk out into the world, “mixer” one.

And I thought, being the completionist, and having a dram from a trade, I should review this on Canada Day.

Aged for 5 years, this is the starting point for Beam Suntory’s Canadian Alberta lineup. And given the love for Albertan water and wheat, why not?

However, maybe I should explain why that’s significant: Alberta is part of the Prairie Provinces in Canada, meaning that they are generally known for growing all the wheat (or at least most of it, I don’t know the percentages and someone will show up and yell at me if I pretend to). Granted Alberta is also known for the Stampede (big rodeo fun times), amazing Beef, right wing politics, being ignored by the country because we’re dumb, oil, and actually turning a profit.

It’s a nice place. The water is a different story. If you ever see the water in Northern Alberta, you’ll be blown away. Iceberg water is a distinct, clean blue that shines without direct sunlight. And the air is both thin and clean.

Thus, it makes good whisky when you ferment grains in it. Let’s see how 5 years in the barrel affects it.

Alberta Premium 2

Price: $24.85 (CAD)

Region: Alberta, Canada

Abv: 40%

Colour: Light Yellow

Nose: Cola, maple syrup, caramel, lemon sugar, alcohol

Immediate sugar overload. I’m in pain. Much ow. No like.

After giving it some time to air out, I eventually get an alcohol note, and some citrus. This doesn’t improve things. Like the Wild Rose party.

Taste: Nutmeg, mineral water, flat cola, peanut, hair spray, honey

Luckily the taste isn’t as acrid as the nose. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like it, however it has at least some flavours I actually like in it.

And some hair spray. Which I once threw up, because I sprayed too much in my hair. Back when I had hair. On my head.

Finish: Burn, wheat, peas, graham crackers, cheap maple syrup

I’ll give it this, other than a cheap sweet flavour and some burn, this doesn’t suck at the finish.

Granted it has those other things, so… well, it sucks.

Conclusion: Buy a different Alberta Premium Product. Or even a different Beam Suntory. Or even a rum or some water or a punch to the genitals. Any of them.

Dark Horse and Springs are both slightly cheaper and taste a million times better. Whatever they did to the amazing wheat and water of this interesting and fun province is bad. Just horrible.


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