Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2013

OFBB2013 1

Special thanks to /u/kilrathi for sending me this dram. Was able to share this one with my father, who is more of a bourbon aficionado than I am, so I thought he’d enjoy it.

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2013 is one of those yearly whiskies that seems to get everyone standing at attention. As a foolish amateur to the bourbon world, I was curious, however also living in Canada, I didn’t try to hard to find a dram (as it would be like finding a needle… In all of Texas).

I mean, when you get so much acclaim as a bourbon like this, and you don’t live in bourbon country, you somewhat see the writing on the wall and tell yourself “Maybe I’ll try it someday”.

Doesn’t help that even Classic or Signature aren’t sold here…

This whiskey comes out once a year, on September 2nd, to commemorate George Garvin Brown, the founder of Old Forester. This is the 12th limited release, and it’s a 12 year old Bourbon, so I must be lucky.

It is selected from a single day of production, thus each year is different and special.

So, let’s see how this bourbon stands up to the hype.

OFBB2013 2

Price: N/A in Ontario

Region: Kentucky

Abv: 49%

Colour: Whiskey

Nose: Caramel, corn, anise, cinnamon, cinnamon, cinnamon (did I mention cinnamon), mint, smoked maple

Did I mention cinnamon? It’s not a powerful cinnamon, it’s just a lot of it, which I love. As time goes on, it goes to this great smoked maple smell that I just love.

Think I could nose this for quite awhile. It’s very relaxing. Whiskey makes the best kind of aromatherapy.

Taste: Mint, corn, leather, butterscotch, pepper, salish, peach

Is that smoke? In a bourbon? I’m liking that quite a bit.

Granted, it’s a tad bit smoother than I typically enjoy. Needs to come out swinging for me. Well, that’s what I’m finding.

Finish: Smoke, smooth, caramel, chives, licorice, wax

Long finish on this, and there’s a bit of smoke and anise in it. Very smooth finish. My father, who prefers a smooth whiskey, is enjoying this a lot and asks “So, how much and where can I find it?” It’s hard to tell him that it’s a bitch to find.

Well, I just say it’s a bitch to find, but still.

Conclusion: Like I said before, it’s a tad smoother than I typically prefer, however there’s no denying the quality and the depth of flavour. Not to mention unique mixture of flavours typically found in Scotch that I enjoyed.

I’ll hope to keep trying these, however I am very happy that, even as a Bourbon beginner, I had the chance to enjoy this one.


Bourbon review #22, Kentucky review #16, Whiskey Network review #246

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