Basil Hayden

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So here we are once again. My recent mini-bender (1/day, I’m such a villain on vacation) ended up bringing me to a Bourbon on the last day of Fan Expo.

And boy was I tired. Turns out walking for about 4 hours a day, in a large place filled with adrenaline and body heat, not to mention nerd boners, really takes it out of you.

Thus I bought a bourbon that I’ve been eying for awhile, Basil Hayden. Made by Bean Suntory as part of their small batch bourbon collection, this is the lighter, weaker sibling of the bunch. The others all get to be at higher Abv. and all special and shit. Though don’t count it out. It has a high Rye mashbill and is aged for about 8 years.

Well we’ll show them, Runt. You can be whatever you can be, if you put your mind to it.

Wait… no you can’t, you’re a bourbon, you don’t even have a mind. You’re a crafted object. No one can be whatever they want to be if they put their mind to it. You’re given a set of skills, circumstances, and obstacles: It’s up to you to make the best of the situation, figure out what you can do, take the risks, and see where you end up.

Otherwise you end up with American Idol… and no one truly wants that.

So let’s see if this runt makes a decent bourbon.

Basil 2

Price: $51.95 (CAD) in Ontario

Region: Kentucky

Abv: 40%

Colour: No.2 maple syrup

Nose: Roasted corn, vanilla, cherry, sesame, caramel, lemon, honey, oak

Oddly enough it smells like roasted corn at first, though that subsides into a sweeter, nice strong nose. Not getting any spices that I usually do from Rye though, so I think it may have lost something in the wash.

Wait, can bourbon wash itself again? I’m having a serious case of Vacation brain here…

Taste: Oak, lemon, paprika, little dill, coconut flakes

Odd… that’s how I’ll put this. It doesn’t really line up well with the nose… at all.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it tastes nice and all, and really enjoy the earthy notes as they mix with some sweetness, but if you see a Cherry and bite into it, and it tastes like steak… wait, that’s awesome.

If you see a cherry, bite into it, and it tastes like potato, then you’re confused, even if you like potato.

I swear I can count to potato today.

Finish: Oak, cinnamon, pickles, cherry Kool-Aid, coconut milk, metallic

The Finish seems to be trying to tie together the nose and the taste. I like it, however I think it’s putting the gigantic death caravan before the proverbial mastodon.

What? How do you get to work?

Conclusion: This is a tasty, well put together whisky that has some really great elements. And for being the “weakest” of the bunch, it doesn’t show it. That being said, it’s a little tangled up in itself. There’s a lack of consistency that docks it marks, even though I like it quite a bit. I’d say this: It’s not perfect, but it’s tasty, so grab a glass to try.


Bourbon review #29, Kentucky review #19, Whiskey Network review #271

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