Forty Creek Port Wood Reserve 2012

Forty Creek Portwood

So here we are, the last of my “monument” reviews for a little while. This is /r/worldwhisky review #60. No major one until I hit whisky network review #300. After this, I’ll be focusing on Bourbon and Cambeltons for awhile.

And of course it’s Canadian. Because it should be, because… reasons?

I don’t know, I just didn’t think I had done enough Canucks in the last bit, I guess? And I didn’t go to the Canadian part of the Toronto Zoo this weekend, so I need to make up for it.

Seriously, that hill is killer on the knees, and all that for two grizzlies.

Anyway, this one has been a long time coming. It’s Forty Creek Port Wood Reserve.

It’s no secret that lately, people have really gone Port Cask Finish crazy. And being the hipster that I am (it’s okay, I know, I know), I’ll say that I was into it before it was cool.

There. Now I’ve alienated half my audience.

Anyway, two years ago, I happened to show up at Forty Creek just as the yearly one was coming out. I decided to pick it up, as initial tastes were okay.

And I’m a sucker for a port cask. But that’s been said before.

So the whisky itself is like all other Forty Creek, in that John K. Hall doesn’t use a mashbill. He ages different whiskies separately, then blends them. After that, for this whisky, it’s placed in vintage port wood barrels for another two years.

Note that this is the 2012, not the 2009 one. This is the second batch of Port Wood.

Anyway, let’s see how it serves up.

Price: $70 (Note that it’s now sold out) (CAD)

Region: Canada

Lot: 061

Bottle Number: 1288

Abv: 45%

Colour: Purpley brown

Nose: Plum, brown sugar, anise, nutmeg, orange, raspberry, sour funk, vanilla

Really nice, sweet nose on this one. Though it goes through a ton of changes.

Played Evolve yet? I have, and this reminds me of it. Not that the whisky goes around and eats creatures while fighting other humans. No, in that it changes.

Up first, spice, dark fruits, eventually some homemade cranberry sauce. Then… sour funk. Not nice… Give it another 10 minutes, tons of vanilla. Never had something change that much. Really interesting nose.

Taste: Brown sugar, ginger, earthy, anisette, currant

Fairly straightforward taste. It really takes on the port, and the Forty Creek adds only sweetness to it, which is balanced. Not the most complex port cask whisky I’ve had, but it’s still pretty good.

Finish: Lots of red licorice, tarragon, nutmeg, lemon/lime, salty, fake raspberry

Don’t blink, cause you’ll miss the finish. It’s light, quite, and hard to figure out. I had to keep picking it apart, like turkey the next day.

All in all, this finish is a let down, unfortunately. The weakest I’ve had in awhile. It’s not untasty, it’s un-there.

Conclusion: I love the nose on this one, as it’s complex, changes as time goes on, and gives me that port infused whisky nose that I wanted, along with my laptop, general dismissal of things, and thick black glasses.

The taste is simple, but different enough from other whisky that I liked it.

The finish is barely there, like a sexual partner who just isn’t trying. And that’s why this gets a low score from me. If the finish was better, or even passable, I’d be rating this higher. However it’s too faint, and drags down the rest of the dram.


World Whisky review #60, Canada review #27, Whisky Network review #283

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