Macallan Fine Oak 21 [Mystery Review]

Macallan Fine Oak 21 1

So it’s mystery dram time, and /u/helodriver87, who I assume combines rivers with helod, a semi-famous League of Legions player, has sent me a pretty sweet dram. Thank you sir!

At least, I’m hoping. He could have sent me poison. But to believe that, you’d have to strain your imagination, because why would I post a review of poison?

On the other hand, I did review Crown Royal Maple once, and posted it, so maybe I would.

Anyway, let’s see what this dram is all about.

Note: I suck at these. I am no Sherlock of Scotch, nor a Beckett of Bourbon, and not even a Wheeler of World Whisky.

Macallan Fine Oak 21 2

Price: Actually N/A at LCBO

Region: Speyside

Abv: 43%

Colour: Bronze

At least this I know. Has a little bit of red in it, though my initial thoughts are that this is either dyed or been only in ex-bourbon casks.

Nose: Peach, dusty books, lemon, caramel, oregano, oak

Hmm…. Starting out all I can smell is the mustyness of the dust and the peach. Eventually there’s some citrus, more caramel, and some earth. I’m guessing a Highland or a Speyside, or a variant Island maybe. No sherry to speak of.

Taste: Cherry, cumin, strawberry, anise, turnip/earth, salt water

Okay, there’s sherry now. I’d assume not a first-fill Sherry cask, given the lack of it in the nose. Not cask strength, though it still has some ovaries to it.

Lots of spice and earth in it, so I’m really leaning towards something sherried. Overall the flavour starts nice, then the earth and spice takes over, which could be too much, though I didn’t mind it.

Finish: Wood, sulphur, coconut, sea air, cinnamon

Wow, complaining about sulphur. I’m such a hypocrite. Let’s just say, I usually don’t notice it, but here I did. A lot. That said, given about 30 minutes, there were other, albeit faint and not populated enough to make it worth it, flavours that I didn’t mind.

That said, the finish poops on this whisky.

Conclusion: Nice nose, okay taste, lousy finish. It’s sherried, that I know. I think it’s a Highland. Maybe. Or a Speyside. Probably a Highland, just because of my bias against Highlands. Which shouldn’t come into play (see, told you I’m bad at this).

Wouldn’t drink this on the regular, but wouldn’t turn down a dram of it. It’s okay, just not as good as it could be. Needs better casks.


My Guess: So I suspect the following:

  • Region: Highland or Speyside (bias put aside)
  • Abv: 43-46%
  • Sherried
  • Old enough to know better

I’m guessing Glendronach 15

Actually Macallan 21 Fine Oak

Speyside review #59, Scotch review #206, Whisky Network review #299

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