Old Forester Bottled in Bond (1980)

Old Forester Bottled in Bond 1980 1

Sent a mystery dram was I

Had to know the taste, and why

This dram I have no information

So I’ll use poetry as my vocalization

Special thanks to /u/randimosity

Does it have great ferocity?

Or is it swill not fit to drink?

Will it float, or will it sink?

Fuck this rambling song and dance

And get onto the dram already!

Please do put on some pants,

And keep your lines steady.

Old Forester Bottled in Bond 1980 2

Price: I guess not at the LCBO

Region: I shan’t know

Abv: More than the snow?

Colour: Burgundy

Nose: Cherry, cough syrup, cashew, peanut butter, cornflakes, light grapefruit, fresh cut grass

First cherry syrup,

Hearty nose promises much

Then chipmunk breakfast

Quality nose, whoa

As time passes, grass is cut

Enjoyable nose

Taste: Cherry, peanut, floral, lemongrass, hazelnut, lemon/orange

Starts off with much cherry

Which reminds me of my friend Larry.

He enjoyed peanuts and Indian food

Up and down quite tattooed

He was no Virgin Mary

However I’ve gone quite off track

With these poems in stacks.

There’s nuts, flowers, and some fruit

Not much else takes root

This dram’s taste makes me double back

Finish: Almond/marzipan, dry, ginger/nutmeg, lemon peel

Sonnets need to end all this pomp… Okay, I’m done.

That was fun, however I can’t really pretty this part up unfortunately. Let’s assume this is free verse.

It’s a simple end. Try to look for anything? Not really there. Ends quick, and I’ll do the same.

Conclusion: So this was an interesting dram. The nose was interesting, fun to really tease out the different tastes, and had a nice balance.

The taste? Not “great”, but not living up to the nose at all. It needs some spices or something tart to really liven it up.

The finish: It’s not bad, however it’s mostly just almond, with some other parts teased out.

My score’s mostly based on the nose. It’d be a lot lower if the nose hadn’t been so interesting.

Guess: Old Grand Dad 114. Because… I guess? I think it’s cask strength, I know it’s a Bourbon.

Edit: Actually: Old Forester Bottled in Bond from the 1980s! What an interesting, though somewhat lacking, dusty!


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