Gentleman Jack

So at the time of this review, it’s Christmas, and as usual, I’m overeating, having a good time with family, and looking through my Uncle’s booze, searching for something I haven’t reviewed before. And I find Gentleman Jack. One of two Jack Daniel’s products I have yet to review. And I sigh, and pour myself […]

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Balcones True Blue Cask Strength

Geez, it’s about time I got around to doing another American maltwhiskey. Special thanks to /u/HawkI84, you crazy double-entendre named soul you! Always did love MASH. Haven’t driven in Oregon/Idaho yet, so I don’t know how they mesh up. Moving along… Recently we’ve all heard about the drama down at Balcones. And more of the […]

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Heartwood Vat out of Hell

It’s that time of year. That Bi-polar, odd time of year. On the positive side, I have my birthday, friend’s birthdays, New Years, Xmas time, and all the food, fun, and drinks that come with it. On the negative side? Well it’s particularly busy. The amount of downers at my work doubles. Sometimes triples. Studies […]

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