Longmorn-Glenlivet 25 [Feather’s Flight Review Set #7]


So my wife goes to order another dram, and I may have been tipsy at this point, because I think we ended up with one different than what we were going for.

But first… why am I doing this series? It’s a birthday dram time of year, that’s why. I am brought out (and brought back, if I’m good) to my favourite bar, the Feathers Pub, I have a flight, and I enjoy myself much. Very much.

So wow.

Gah, Hangovers + Busy week = /r/TOModera‘s writing isn’t the best.

Anyway, my wife decided she’d be picking out each of these drams, and she aimed for cask strength ones. For this one, though, one of us (probably me, I’ve been drinking) pointed to the incorrect bottle, and ended up trying the Longmorn-Glenlivet 25 year instead of the Scott’s Selection 1983 Cask Strength one we were aiming for.

Oh well. It’s a rough life. Picking the incorrect over 20 year old Scotch that was brought out by an Independent Bottler. Life is so hard.

As you can probably guess, this dram is made at Longmorn, and they are owned by Glenlivet, which in turn are owned by Chivas, which in turn owns Pernod Ricard.

Kinda makes the South of the US or the Royal Families of Europe a lot less “Smelling Like Cabbage and tons of Genetic Issues”, if you catch my drift.

Anyway, Longmorn is known for their one offering, which is 15/16 years and between 40-43%. So I’m quite happy to be trying this as a quarter century. What are you thankful for? Because I’m thankful I’m a Canuck and have Universal Healthcare (except medication and dental care).


Price: No at LCBO.

Region: Speyside

Abv: 40%

Colour: Burnt copper

Nose: Raspberry foam, chocolate, mace, fruit leather, toasted nuts, gooseberry

Ever had a weird foam? Like, at a nice restaurant with tons of whisky at high prices where the waiter says “Please stop doing that, Sir/Mam” all the time? That’s the initial nose on this.

If not, you need to act out at restaurants more.

Nice fruity note. At the time of trying it, I thought it was Cask Strength, and while it wasn’t super pronounced, the fact it was actually 40% and still had a decent nose was pretty amazing.

Taste: Swedish berries, caramel, cherry, grapes, melon, butter

Yeah, Swedish Berries. I don’t know if the actual berries really exist, but this tasted like the penny candy sweets. And I made sure, because before this I noted something similar too.

Tons of fruit and butter notes as well. Not super strong, but well developed.

Finish: Cardamon, ginger, dates, brown sugar, banana, orange, oregano, dry

Spicy. Really spicy. And dry. This is First-Fill Sherry glory. Tons of powerful flavours.

Between odd and even, I can’t even. So good.

Conclusion: Wow. So here I was thinking I didn’t want an old 40% dram, but this… This is doing 40% perfectly. Granted, it didn’t set off memories (required to make it over 85), but everything about this is done well. Each flavour comes through, none of them overbalanced, and it just tastes good.

First Fill Sherry is the shit. Good job Gordon & MacPhail, this is a tasty dram.


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