Littlemill 34 1965 Old Malt Cask [Feather’s Flight Review Set #8]

Littlemill 34 year Old Malt Cask 1

What? Again? What are you doing to yourself /u/TOModera?

Well I’ll tell you: I’m drinking for my birthday, and I’m having some old malts, and I setup a question to everyone, and I plan on taking their recommendations seriously. All at The Feathers Pub.

So, now that the pre-amble is out of the way, what’s up first? Why a Lowland, of course. Have to do these things in the right order. And I do love my crazy Lowland malts.

Littlemill 34 1965 Old Malt Cask Douglas Laing is up first, because why not only come out swinging, but come out swinging ball-peen hammers and howitzers.

This malt is older than me. Heck, by the time it was bottled, I still wasn’t of age to drink it!

If you can’t tell, I’m hungover again, and finding information on these drams is like finding the remote when you’re sitting on it. And you weight 600lbs. And the show you’re watching isn’t THAT bad. And the remove may be getting to third base with you.

Maybe. Might just be a fold.

What I’m saying is all I know is that this was aged, for 34 years, in oak casks. No description if they used Sherry or Bourbon or Sheep manure casks, and other than being from Littlemill (which has now burned down, been closed, and generally ignored because, Fuck Lowlands, right?), I don’t really know

So: I’m 32, it’s 34, and it’s becoming harder and harder to drink things older than me. Let’s see how it tastes.

Littlemill 34 year Old Malt Cask 2

Price: You’re a crazy person. Seriously though, I found a winning bid of £ 420.00 for a bottle at an auction. But let’s just say “N/A in Ontario” and leave it at that, shall we?

Abv: 49.3%

Region: Lowland

Colour: Copper

Nose: Grape jelly, flowers, jujubes, red licorice, vanilla, burnt flowers, smoke

Well, to say that this is odd is an understatement. Nothing smells like Scotch at first. You could blindfold me and I’d say you’ve made Skittle Vodka and that’s what I’m nosing.

After giving it even more time to breathe, eventually the smoke in it comes out. Which is odd, because again, this is a fucking Lowland, so I’m not ready for smoke. I’m ready for pansys and skipping through fields and maybe some candy.

Taste: Smoke, plum, red licorice, metallic, floral, cinnamon buns, sea salt

More smoke? WTF Mate? Also some other sweet notes, nice complexity, and it just keeps growing as time goes on, like some sort of living thing that’s taking over my brain. Might be closer to the truth than I’m willing to admit.

I’ve had other old malts, and this seems to be one of the keys to them. They start out like other whisky, however keep showing off a growing complexity.

Finish: Flower, molasses, Sprite-y, old strawberry, pepper, papaya, burnt sugar

I’d almost say there’s rum elements here, yet they tend toward the oak barrel influence more than any direct rum influence I could surmise.

There’s a burn aspect in here that’s throwing me off a little bit, and an old fruit flavour that I’m not enjoying as much as I should.

Conclusion: Well, that’s a crazy malt.

I’m bonkers about the nose. It’s unique, complex, and fun. Really amazing. The taste is something odd, reminding me of young Islays or Peated Highlands or even Island drams, yet eventually with more sweet/floral notes.

The finish? Not the best. Interesting, but has some off notes that I dock points for. It also didn’t set off memories for me, which I typically take as “good, not great” sorta idea. Still, you’d be hard pressed to feel bad about trying a dram, and if you had the additional money to spare, I couldn’t really fault someone for buying it.


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