Heartwood Convict Redemption (Batch 2)

Heartwood Convict Redemption (Batch 2) 1

Special thanks again to everyone’s favourite Uncle for the sample of this one.

So, as I said before, this whisky was, and still is, on my Bucket list. I wanted to try it so much, and now I have, so now I set a new goal, which is to keep trying a bunch of different whiskys before I die. Or after, because maybe I’ll come back as Zombie Whisky Jesus.

Heartwood Convict Redemption (Batch 2) just sounds so Australian. Or rather, stereotypical Aussie. You’ve got the word “Convict” right in the middle. And Redeeming itself, like a former penal colony. I mean, only if it was called “Heartwood Convict Venomous Walkabout That’s-Not-A-Knife-This-Is-A-Knife Irwin Koala Redemption”, then it would encompass all of the stereotypes.

Granted than we’d have to make a whisky called “Maple Sorry Ice Hockey Poutine Healthcare”, and that’d be silly.

Anyway, this is a 12 year Australian Port Cask whisky from Heartwood, bottled at a cask strength usually reserved for NASA space rocket fuel.

And if that doesn’t interest you, then I’m very sad for you. Let’s see how this tastes!

Heartwood Convict Redemption (Batch 2) 2

Price: No longer available

Region: Australia

Abv: 71.9%

Note: This is the highest Abv. in a whisky I’ve ever had. As such, after trying it by itself, I did add some water, eventually up to 2 tsp. I didn’t really note the difference in my notes, however I do believe this needs water. For me at least, it does.

Colour: Deep burgundy

Nose: Apricot, pine, sour apple, cherry, sea salt, strawberry, ginger, cranberry scented candles

Really big blast of apricot at first. Hard to get around without letting it sit or adding water. After awhile, it had this fake cranberry note.

Big flavours though. You can really tell each one. That said, it does take some time to get used to it and let each one come out.

Taste: Orange cake, strawberry, butterscotch, nutmeg, custard, nutty, Blondies

Have I had Orange Cake before? Not really, but it tastes like an Orange flavoured cake, so there you have it.

Not overly sweet. Heartwood (so far) seems to know how to balance out the different sweetness levels throughout their drams. Really quite nice. Couldn’t identify the nut flavour though. Guess it must be a Thursday night.

Moving along…

Finish: Cinnamon, dark fruits, woody, ginger ale, light dill, pepper, burn/cayenne, blueberry

Big ole finish that reminds me a lot of a Bourbon. Strong too. First sign of burn after I added some drops of water, yet that turned to cayenne flakes once I added some more.

Again, you can really pick out these large flavours given some time with the dram.

Conclusion: This is a well made dram. It’s strong, don’t get me wrong, and it needs the water just to mellow it out a little, yet each flavour is distinct and tasty. Nothing way complex, like the Vat out of Hell.

Actually, I’m pining for the last one more than this one. Again, this is a great dram, with really great, powerful flavours that you only need to search for a little bit. Yet I feel that it’s missing some complexity. Maybe I just don’t like Aussie Port? That could be the case. Maybe it needed more time in the barrel? Maybe it needed some time in a dried wine barrel? I can’t really say. Maybe I’m full of shit? Could be.

If you’re looking for a good, fruity dram, that gets the whole “sweet” balance correct, this is a good one. If you’re looking for something amazing, go for Vat out of Hell.


World Whisky review #64, Australian review #6, Whisky Network review #325

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