Glenfarclas 105 [Mystery Review]

Glen 105 0

So, for those of you not on /r/worldwhisky, a quick refresher: SHAME ON YOU!

Wait, no, that’s not what I meant at all. Well, what I meant to write. Too bad I don’t edit these.

Anyway, what I meant to say is: This year, for Secret Santa Swap, I requested mystery drams of whiskies I’ve never reviewed. And /u/muaddib99 stepped up to the plate and hit Santa with a bat (I think that’s how it works, I’m not 100% on Xmas or Baseball rules).

So, the first two were Canadian drams, of which I scored 1.5/2. How the 0.5? I guessed the right distillery.

He sent me hints as well, so this is this dram’s hint:

3: So this one is kind of fun, as the sample bottle you’re holding now came to me via a swap with you! In fact, the scotch inside this bottle is from the same distillery as the one you sent to me. Guess it’s come full circle. You have a lot of reviews from this distillery, but I was thankful to see you hadn’t done this one yet!

Well, given some sleuthing, I was able to deduce what dram this may be, however I still had to drink it (oh darn my life is tough) to be sure.

So, let’s see if I’m write, shall we?

Glen 105

Colour: Light gold/brown

Nose: Almond, marmalade, brown sugar, cherry, fruit punch, peach, floral, tobacco

Strong nose on this. It’s definitely cask strength, and I give it a little more time to air out than the last two.

Definitely sherried as well. There’s less spice, but more earthiness and red fruit notes.

Pretty sure my guess was right.

Taste: Cherry, peach, coffee, wood, lime, treacle, strawberry tart, nutmeg

Big cherry taste. Almost as strong as some other Sherry Bombs I’ve had, yet not as spicy or burny or any other adjective ending in y.

Has a really nice strawberry tart flavour to it that I love at this time of year. Love strawberry tarts. And that’s part of why I’m not in shape.

Finish: Earthy, sour grape, strawberry, Red Jell-O, smoke, little cinnamon

Big earth note at first when I sip on this (yes, it’s sherried), and a little sour. Eventually have the spices I’ve been searching for in it at the very end, though not as much as I like out of my sherry bombs.

Really nice, smooth finish though. Very drinkable, nice to sip on, and no alcohol burn either. Well made dram.

Conclusion: This is a nice, cask strength, sherried dram. I miss some of the spicier notes from other sherry drams, however… well, it’s just really well put together, balanced, just tart/acidic enough with tons of sweet notes and a little earth. I’d probably buy a bottle, and I may have a sample kicking about waiting for me as well.


Guess: Glenfarclas 105

Actually: Glenfarclas 105

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