Gentleman Jack

Gentleman Jack

So at the time of this review, it’s Christmas, and as usual, I’m overeating, having a good time with family, and looking through my Uncle’s booze, searching for something I haven’t reviewed before.

And I find Gentleman Jack. One of two Jack Daniel’s products I have yet to review. And I sigh, and pour myself a snifter of it.

Fun thing, this is basically Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7, yet it’s Charcoal Mellowed a second time, thus becoming the only Whisky to go through the Charcoal twice. I know this going in, yet I’m not going to just assume it’s rotten because it’s JD.

Well, I am, but at least I’m assuming it’s the slightly better version.

Doesn’t a second go through charcoal just sound tasty? If you’re saying no, then assume I’m being sarcastic. If you’re saying yes, assume I side with you.

None the less, it was there, and I was looking for my Xmas review, so let’s see how JD review Numero 3 turns out.

Price: $38.95 (CAD) at the LCBO

Region: Tennessee

Abv: 40%

Nose: Caramel, corn, lime, funk, old leather, varnish, butter

Light nose, some sweetness to it, and a blast of corn.

Given some time, it reminds me of an old person’s house, with old leather and wood paneling. All dripping in butter.

Perhaps I’ve been to other old people’s homes than others.

Taste: Pepper, corn, mangosteen, funk, milk

Creamy, mostly pepper and corn. Also that funk mixed with fruit and milk. Which I’m not a big fan of.

Not a ton of different flavours going on here. It is smoother than Old No. 7 though.

Finish: Sour cream, potato, burnt sugar, peach, pine

Yup, that’s a mixture of flavours that mostly speak for themselves. None of them really mesh, it’s sour, and burnt.

I am not a big fan.

Conclusion: So let’s look at what this really is: It’s a starter Tennessee whiskey. It’s smooth, has some more complexity than JD original, and doesn’t taste that horrible until you get to the taste.

There’s still better out there for the price, and there’s still better things to drink, yet it’s not garbage.


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