Woodford Reserve Double Oaked

Quick thanks to /u/Devoz for this dram. I’ve been wanting to try some more Woodford Reserve, and well, this allowed me to do it. Woodford Reserve Double Oaked is the first ever line extension from the company. After being a one bourbon company for 16 years, they decided to branch out. This bourbon is the standard […]

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Jim Beam Black

So we’re kicking off a new plan I have going on. First up, work is starting to increase again, so I’ll be making sure I write these up and get them ready the night before. Irregular posting commence! More importantly though I’ll be aiming to surpass 50 reviews on /r/bourbon, and in the process go […]

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Isle of Jura Prophecy

One okay Jura deserves another. That’s what my ancestor’s used to say… until they were horribly maimed by Islanders who felt losing their land was an affront. But enough about my checkered ancestry, first up I’d like to thank /u/Devoz[1] from the bottom of my potentially sinned family heart for a sample of this dram. […]

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Macallan Sienna

So I’m at a high price bar. It’s after an exam, I’m somewhat tipsy, dressed well enough to go to work, and we’re listening to a bard butcher some Beatles tunes.. I know what you’re saying: Yeah, I’d order Collingwood Canadian rye as well, as the prices at the Royal York fancy hotel are probably […]

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