Uisce Beatha Real Irish Whiskey

So this will be my last Irish whiskey review, barring any finds at pubs, for awhile. Not because I don’t like them, or that the community seemingly isn’t the biggest fan of them, but mostly because I have other fish to fry. And whiskey’s to try. And pigs to sty? Oh well, took it one […]

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Knappogue Castle 1995

Continuing on with the highly popular, never doubted, and generally treated with respect Irish Whiskey min-binge! So I ordered a bunch of Irish whiskies from Flaviar. They ship to Canada, so that leaves them as my only option. Also it’s not too bad compared to having to hunt it down at bars and restaurants. So […]

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Greenore 8

And back to the Irish marathon that everyone loves and hates, all at the same time. So grab a potato, sit back, and generally enjoy a distinct culture. Fun. Up next, c/o Flaviar to me, is Greenore 8. This is 100% Single Grain whiskey, which was aged in ex-Bourbon casks. Produced by the Cooley distillery. […]

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Tullibardine 500

(Thanks to /u/usquebaugh_ for the dram) Gather round, whisky swiggers and jiggers, for I have a story to tell. A simple story for two denari, of times before in the whisky network. Scoff all you want good sir, but yes, there was a time when this network was smaller, without fools telling stories like a bard […]

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BenRiach Heredotus Fumosus

Thanks to /u/Devoz for helping me slowly build up my individual cred on the BenRiach distillery. Bias time! I know, everyone loves a good bias, whether it’s politics or sexual preferences or just good old religion, we all have some great biases. Mine, when we’re talking about whisky, go like this: I like peat. A lot. […]

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Green Spot / Yellow Spot

Special thanks to /u/Randimosity for the sample of Yellow Spot. Just off my successful American tour of drams, I thought I’d dedicate part of the most Irish month of the year (February) to Whiskey from Ireland. Wait, I’ve gotten March and February mixed up, haven’t I? Well fuck. Too late now, it’s Irish February, a bitterly […]

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