High West Double Rye! (Peated Cask)

High West Double Rye! (Peated Cask) 1

Special thanks to /u/ScotChen for the sample of this Barrel Select dram. And the images of said dram.

High West. Just the name sounds cool. Like how acting schools used to be filled with actors practicing their quickdraw with fake pistols and fall down, leading most good actors to hang out on the roof away from the constant cowboy culling.

And we know that we love it here, because they couldn’t be more of an underdog. They’re independent. They are in Utah, where booze cries all the time. They try crazy shit and sell it and it tastes good. I mean, do I even have to mention Midwinter Nights Dram?

And then there’s Double Rye! It’s one of the crazy ones. A 16 year old rye mixed with a 2 year old rye? What, was someone watching the Exorcist and heard ‘rye’ instead of ‘priest’?

Joking aside, the mashbill for each is 95% rye/5% barley malt for the young priest and 53% rye and 37% corn for the old priest. Linda Blair doesn’t stand a chance.

And to add to that, this is a special Barrel Select, made only for Market Manipulators, which I assume is a liquor store, however it’s probably just the evil 10 men who really control the US economy.

None the less, those evil guys ended up with a Double Rye! that has been aged for an extra 21 months in an ex-Scotch peated cask. That’s all just crazy.

I gotta try it.

High West Double Rye! (Peated Cask) 2

Price: N/A at the LCBO

Region: Utah

Abv: 50%

Barrel No: 520-2

Colour: Yellow Brown

High West Double Rye! (Peated Cask) 3

Nose: Cherry, varnish, oak, anise, lemongrass, grapes, cloves

Muted at first, surprisingly enough. Lots of cherry on it, and tons of oak. Giving it some time, it reminds me of Indian food with spices and lemongrass in it.

More time brings out more clove flavour, yet no real strong “Hey Bitch I’m a Rye” scent on it.

Taste: Dark caramel, cranberry, cocoa, earthy, basil, anise

And there’s the rye. Somewhat. It’s fruity and spicy…. however I think the peat spice from the cask has taken over any rye spice, and the fruit is from the rye flavour.

Earthy too, which is nice.

Finish: Caramel, cocoa, mint, smoke, cinnamon, oak, little bit of pomegranate

Long finish. Very long finish. Tons of sweet notes too. Muted again, which is bugging me. Water hasn’t helped either. It’s really tasty. Not overly sweet either.

Conclusion: I bounced around a lot on my score of this one. So joking aside, I think I should explain how I came to what I came to. And not what I came on, because that cracker is eaten by now.

Moving along….

Overall I found a lot of the different tastes and scent muted. And I was actually really surprised to find out this was high Abv, because it was really low intensity.

That knocks down the score quite a bit. I like big, blasted drams. Or at least ones that are somewhat strong. Or at least aren’t muted.

Otherwise, the tastes are amazing. It’s light amounts of peat match up with the fruity rye and the whole thing tastes boozy caramel brownies with a currant sauce. It’s well worth it.

Now I just have to try the regular stuff…. Oh well, more booze to try.

Hmm… review #49…. what’s he going to do for the big 5-0? Stay tuned later this week.


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