BenRiach Heredotus Fumosus

BenRiach Heredotus Fumosus 1

Thanks to /u/Devoz for helping me slowly build up my individual cred on the BenRiach distillery.

Bias time! I know, everyone loves a good bias, whether it’s politics or sexual preferences or just good old religion, we all have some great biases.

Mine, when we’re talking about whisky, go like this: I like peat. A lot. More than I really should. I’m a total peat head.

I also tend to like Speysides. So keep that in mind while reading my review, because I break some of my own rules with this one.

BenRiach Heredotus Fumosus is a part of a 3 whisky series from those crazy Scots at BenRiach. It even has a silly Latin name (bias: That’s the kinda crazy I’d do). The silly latin means “Smoke Sherry” in normal people speak.

They start with the 10 year Curiositas (bias: I love it), which is their young, nicely peated entry Scotch. Then they add a 2 year finish to it (bias: Holy damn I love finished whiskies). In this case, this whisky is finished with Pedro Ximénez sherry barrels.

What? Were you expecting a bias there? I like finishes and all, however I’m not 100% biased towards PX sherry finishes.

So it’s a limited peated sherry finished, no colour added and non chill filtered whisky? Well, I’m going to be more biased than a racist at the Ms. Universe contest.

BenRiach Heredotus Fumosus 2

Price: $77.60 (CAD) at the LCBO

Region: Speyside

Abv: 46%

Colour: Dark Chocolate

Nose: Peat, milk chocolate, grapefruit, red licorice, orange zest, nutmeg, whipped cream, woody

Not ‘in your face’ peat, more like a soft, sweet, Speyside peat. Like the peat your grandmother used to dig up, you know the one.

Big flavours here. Quite sweet. The sherry isn’t as evident as others, and for awhile I thought I may have been trying the port finished one.

Taste: Peat, cranberry, dark chocolate, anise, brown sugar, raisin, lemon tart

Yeah, this is sherry. Big, dark flavours that wrap you up in Mandingo 2-esque heaven.

Wait, was that racist? I don’t know. Let’s just move along.

It’s a deep, deep flavoured dram. No light flavours at all.

Finish: Pepper, cinnamon, raspberry, molasses, coffee, currant, vanilla, coconut, anise

Okay, so the finish reminded me of a rum. A lot like a rum, actually. I was very confused. And happy. So it’s a good thing.

Conclusion: The nose smells like a port finished whisky, the taste is a deep sherry flavour, and the finish tastes like a smoked rum, if that’s even possible. The complexity is off the charts, it’s balanced, and it has some nice strong flavours. Nothing setting off memories, however I have to say this is a good upgrade to the 10 Curiositas, so it’s going over the 85 mark.


Scotch review #236, Speyside review #72, Whisky Network review #361

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